NexiGo 4K Portable Monitor 17 3 Inch, 400 Nits, FreeSync, 100% Adobe RGB, HDR IPS Display, Dual Speakers Eye Care Screen with OTG Expansion, for Laptop PC MAC Console PS5, VESA & Smart Cover

Most users won’t need to calibrate this monitor so it is ready for gaming right away. On the monitor’s left flank you’ll find USB-C and HDMI 2.0 ports and a DC/PD power port. Turning the display over, you’ll see a kickstand tucked into a slight bump. The stand itself is fairly sturdy and wide enough that I wasn’t worried that it might give out under the weight of the screen. From a home theater to versatile portable monitors, to a good night’s sleep, NexiGo products are designed to improve your life through technology.

If you’re a hands-on guy and don’t mind troubleshooting what might be the problem, this guide will explain a few of the possible causes of the lack of signal and how to resolve them. Included in the box are a neoprene soft cover and a separate adjustable stand that helps give the monitor more leverage. Unlike the kickstand attached to the monitor, though, it felt flimsy and weak. You might be better off using the included foldable magnetic cover if you’re in need of an angle adjustment. With a screen this small pixel density is a tight 127ppi, so fine detail is no problem. But as a laptop or phone accessory, I can see the NG17FGQ being a worthy and valuable addition to a portable game system.

In such a case, ensure the monitor is powered via the Switch charger rather than the monitor’s charger. If you want a more stable connection, you may use the HDMI port of the Switch dock. The brand may not be as popular as others in this list, but this Nexigo screen can hold its own. The NG17FGQ ships with a rigid folding cover that covers the screen and stays in place with magnets.

No response from your portable monitor means that the display is black as if it is not plugged into your laptop or does not have a power source. The straightforward solution is to ensure eleveri marketing that it’s plugged into your device or a wall socket outlet. USB Type C, often named USB-C or Type-C, is one of the best things that ever happened to the world of data transmission.

High-refresh portable monitors are power hogs, and this is where a battery pack will come in handy. Considering the display’s brightness level is advertised as 300 nits with HDR pushing beyond it, the company must be aiming for an HDR400 level even if it’s not confirmed on the product page. Because we haven’t seen many 17.3-inch portable displays, for gaming or anything else, we’re obliged to draw comparisons from recently reviewed 15.6-inch monitors. I’m a Junior Analyst and ISF-certified TV calibrator focused on reviewing computer accessories, laptops, gaming monitors, and video games.

Panel uniformity for the Nexigo NG17FGQ sample was decent even though there was a bit of IPS glow on the monitor’s edge. The flaws only become noticeable if you are viewing the monitor in the dark, but its minor compared to what we’ve seen on other IPS monitors. Note that this can vary between every unit made due to tolerances, so you can get a better one if you are lucky. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox.

In fact, it has two USB-C ports, one on each side, so you can place the monitor on either side of a laptop or desktop monitor with ease. In the NG17FGQ’s Standard mode, color is good but not quite at the calibration-not-required level. But if you switch to the User picture mode and calibrate the User color temp, the picture visibly improves. In HDR mode, there are no image options, but it isn’t too far off the mark.

The slower 7ms response time and the lack of viewing angle options with that single-point kickstand move this monitor down our list a little, but we still think it’s worth your consideration. Many portable monitors listed below rely on a single USB-A or USB-C connection. You’ll also find standard DisplayPort and HDMI connections on several units, along with their Micro and Mini variants. You’ll even see units requiring a separate power supply while others draw power straight from the parent PC. If you want to be super-productive, the ideal scenario is connecting two or more screens to your desktop or laptop.

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