New Best Haircut for Thin Hair to Look Thicker

A wolf cut’s layers will look different on every texture. Because of shrinkage, some layers may end up shorter than you would prefer. Similarly, thinning out straight strands may cause them to lay flatter than before. Your best bet for taking care of this cut with straight hair is to make sure you’re continuing to pump up the volume at every step of the style.

The Wolf Cut has gone viral on TikTok and social media over the last few months and is a mix of a shag cut and a mullet. Creating a LOT of texture, especially on fine, straight hair. And although it’s a great cut for type 2 wavy hair if you want that kind of look. I felt like it would add a little too much texture, and made the shape a little too choppy on my type 3 curly hair. But I do like the face-framing layers and volume it gives to more textured, wavy and curly hair.

A wolf cut is a cross between the classic mullet and shag hairstyle. It’s a modern day cut that’s similar to a mullet in terms of texture, however it has the comfort and wearability of a shag haircut. The wolf cut is also a great option for those with naturally curly hair.

The style is a great fit for girls with wavy textures and little time for styling since it allows you to air-dry your locks, use your fave wavy hair product and get ready to go. In case you missed it, everyone in Hollywood has the wolf-cut hairstyle now. And, because we at Marie Claire take dramatic hairstyle changes very seriously, we spoke to a few hair experts about what exactly you should ask for when you get to the salon. Although wolf cut looks best on thick hair, it also looks great with thin hair.

If you don’t want to compromise on the volume, opt for a medium cut. Highlighting the curls that fall over your shoulder will add life to dull locks. Use a volumizing spray or backcomb the hair on your crown area to keep it from looking flat.

This kind of trim enhances the vintage shag’s volume with little to no blend between the layers. The wolf cut is a tapered haircut with choppy, short layers that start at the crown and gradually get longer toward the ends. It blends dust in hairbrush components from the shag cut of the 1970s, the choppy emo/scene haircuts of the 00s, and the revamped mullet. If you’ve been wanting to try this hybrid hairstyle but are unsure if it suits your hair type, I’m here to fill you in.

However, if you have very fine hair, this style may not be the best for you. Will help keep your mane free of dandruff flakes and will not dry your hair out. It has a moisturising formula which makes it perfect for regular use. This nature infused onion shampoo is great for nourishing and strengthening the hair. It is ideal to reduce hair fall by nourishing the roots. Toeing the line between a wolf cut and a bob, Juliette Lewis’s look is a great option if you want to embark into the wolf cut territory, but at a gradual pace.

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