Neman Glassworks, 16Oz Vintage Russian Crystal Vintage Beer Mug, Glass

Beer bottle, glass, pint. Beer Fest beer vector set. Beer glasses encompass everything from modern pint glasses covered in bright advertising to the earliest hand-blown glassware savvy money saving shopaholics in America. In the 18th century, water was not served at meal times, so glass goblets were created to hold wine, beer, ale, or cider instead. Vintage colorful set of beer mugs.

Selling the pair for 10 dollars. I have a large collection of glassware so check my other … Set of vintage vector illustrations of beer mug, glass, bottles with hop, barley, bezel and sausages.

The Vintage beer glasses by the Danish brand House Doctor are part of a series of vintage-inspired glasses. This glass is an innovative variant of the traditional beer glass, adorned with both fanciful patterns and a foot. These small extras give a real sense of luxury and class. You can, of course, use the glass for all sorts of beverages. The pattern has a clear vintage feeling, almost resembling a classic monogram.

When cold Coors light hits the glass, the logo comes to life. It’s the greatest w… Buy one of our kegerator to make your at home beer drinking experience more like the local bar. With a draft beer kegerator your favorite beer can be on tap and seconds away… Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. Whether you’re a global ad agency or a freelance graphic designer, we have the vector graphics to make your project come to life.

Presentation marries science. These little cuties from the 1930s will be the hit of your next party. Shaped like miniature beer mugs these shot or liqueur glasses are less than 2″ tall. All have the Federal Glass Shield F logo … Oktoberfest typographical vintage background with hand drawn beer mug and spica.

Graphic design element for a brewery ad, beer garden poster, flyers and printables. Transparent vector illustration. Two gig glasses with fresh yellow live beer and white foam, and bubbles. Line style flat vector illustration. Beer festival concept. Clinking beer glasses.

The wood used is imported from Europe and is furnace treated. This signifies that it is completely dry and has no adulteration of any sort of substance or liquid. The mugs are uniquely furnished ensuring no nails or any kind of metals used to hold the mug. This prevents internal rusting of metal. Strong and Durable, engineered to perfection. Owning this Mug will give you a sense of Pride, it looks classy and antique.

Let them air dry, do not hand dry because the towel may leave dust particles which will affect the head retention. Caring for you glassware in this manner will also protect gold- or silver- rimmed glasses and glasses with silk-screened brewery logos. This is a set of 3 glasses from the 70s in excellent condition each measuring 6.75” tall. First glass features SUN BUM screen printed on both sides of glass with groovy yellow striped text.

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