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As a supplement, ursolic acid has many purported benefits, including weight loss and muscle building claims. If experienced strength athletes take 450 mg ursolic acid every day, they lose mainly body fat write Korean sports scientists in the Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology. Although the researchers did not observe dramatic effects on muscle mass their subjects did gain significant amounts of strength. All studies utilized 6–8 week old male C57BL/6 mice, which were obtained from NCI and used for experiments within 3 weeks of their arrival. The high fat diet was Harlan Teklad formula TD93075 and contained 55% of calories from fat.

Other animal studies suggest that ursolic acid may reduce fat accumulation in the liver . One study in rats suggests that ursolic acid may reduce high blood pressure by reducing heart rate and having a diuretic effect . It’s important to note that many substances have anti-cancer effects in cells, including downright toxic chemicals like bleach. On the plastic knife self defense contrary, most substances that are researched in cancer cells fail to pass further animal studies or clinical trials due to a lack of safety or efficacy. The potential effect of ursolic acid in cancer has only been studied in animals and cells. No clinical evidence supports the use of ursolic acid for any of the conditions listed in this section.

Mice were then transferred for 6 hours to a 4°C room, where rectal temperature was measured hourly. Chronic, but not acute, ursolic acid treatment increases food intake and energy expenditure. The anti-inflammatory qualities of ursolic acid make it an important therapeutic tool. This acid can be used both internally as well as externally to lessen inflammation.

The light/dark cycle and temperature were constant before and during CLAMS. Mice were acclimated to a motor-driven open treadmill set at 14 M/min at 0% grade and a shock grid set at 0.2 mA (Columbus Instruments model #1055MSD) for 5 min per day for 2 days. On the following day, exercise tolerance was determined at a constant treadmill incline of 10% as described previously . The test was terminated when mice contacted the shock grid for 10 seconds. Tissue samples were snap frozen in liquid N2, and then Triton-X 100 soluble protein extracts were prepared as previously described .

So far, the science regarding ursolic acid health benefits is largely preliminary, but studies continue to exhibit potential advantages. One study indicates that there may be ursolic acid skin benefits, while another study indicates an increase in skeletal muscle growth. Then the researchers wondered, naturally, if ursolic acid can prevent muscle atrophy during catabolic stress (i.e., fasting), might it cause muscle hypertrophy with the catabolic stress removed? So they gave rats ursolic acid in their chow for five weeks and then compared muscle mass to a group who didn’t receive it. Sure enough, ursolic acid caused significant increases in muscle mass and strength in the mice that received it in their chow.

The creation of heat requires calories, meaning there’s potentially an increase in calorie burning. In addition, ursolic acid has also shown that it has the ability to stop the growth of carcinogenic cells by preventing cell division. There are a number of other health benefits of ursolic acid, for instance it makes the leukemia cells weaker. For instance, rosemary extract supplements can contain different percentages of ursolic acid. Often these products will advertise the concentration, such as 90% ursolic acid. Multiple epidemiological studies link apple consumption with reduced risks for cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes.

Mice were acclimated to human handling weekly for 6 weeks, then fasted for 16 h . Blood glucose was then obtained from the tail vein with an Accucheck Aviva glucose meter. Injection of glucose (1 g/kg body weight) and blood glucose was measured 15, 30, 60 and 120 min later.

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