MIDI Files and Backing Tracks for Performers Hit Trax

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It offers players personalized statistics helping them become more in tune with their playing techniques when practicing in an indoor training environment. It does this by transforming any battering cage into a high-tech analytics and stats center enabling players to enhance their hitting and pitching styles before stepping on the playing field. Go head-to-head in your favorite ballpark, organize leagues and tournaments, and play games only available with HitTrax. From home run derbies to full 9-inning games, HitTrax unlocks a new level of competition in a batting cage. Play a variety of games with friends, or go head-to-head with players in other locations by connecting with any HitTrax enabled facility via Online Play.

Each individual session is saved so you can go back later through your profile and reproduce a desired report from any session you choose. Back in the batting cage, the HitTrax system also offers percentile rankings for all players. For example if you are in a 16U age group you can see how you stack up against everyone in that group that uses HitTrax. On the leaderboards only the top 25 from each age group in each region is listed. With the percentile rankings, an athlete not in the top 25 can still find their rank whether they are in the 50th or 75th percentile for their age group. “We are extremely pleased that the selection committee has chosen HitTrax as one of their Best of Show award winners,” said Michael Donfrancesco, owner and manager of InMotion Systems, LLC.

If so, you can buy the technology, along with the membership and batting cage, for an additional US$150 for six months and $275 for 12 months. With HitTrax, every baseball player of relatively any skill level can take part and play. Even complete beginners can learn the sport with this system. You can even use HitTrax to encourage kids to take up the sport with the help of technology.

The University of Notre Dame was the first collegiate team to implement HitTrax, setting the trend for other universities, athletic facilities, and professional leagues to utilize it. Today we are going to dive in and answer the question, “what is HitTrax? You may have seen a few ads, heard about it at baseball practice or watched a few HitTrax YouTube videos. Launch angle is a statistic normally found on sabermetric-based websites such as FanGraphs, Baseball Prospectus and Baseball Savant. But Kelly said he doesn’t read those sites, rather he uses a hitting tool called HitTrax.

The national and regional leaderboards are segmented by age group and designed to promote players and facilities in which they train. Pitchers can also enhance their skill set by monitoring their pitch velocity, pitch location, percentage of strikes, and performance of pitch types to name a few. Evaluating depth of contact with HitTrax is a great way to critique whether hitters are distinguishing between incoming pitches. It also reveals the window of timing a hitter has to contact the ball. Generally speaking, balls on the inner third should be contacted more out front, balls in the middle of the plate a bit deeper, and pitches on the outer third even deeper. A small window means less room for adjustability, a smaller opportunity to reach flush contact, and, in the end, less plate coverage.

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