MCAT Study Schedule Tips & Template 2022 Detailed Guide

But then again, if you’re planning on six-plus months, go for it. Do the content review to your heart’s desire because you’re not hurting the downstream tests and practice questions and all that. Or you have to go slower, but less hours per day or less days per week that you’re able to study because of other obligations.

Get every last bit of practice in before test day with a free MCAT question delivered straight to your inbox daily. Monitoring your progress helps you find the areas where you need to improve most. Let’s face it, we all need to see that we are improving to stay motivated.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring learners from all over the world. In our opinion, it is best to incorporate CARS practice daily to ensure you grasp the main concepts and improve your overall reading ability. As a pro graduation alliance answers tip, we recommend adding the checkbox with the things you need to bring to your MCAT exam, so you won’t forget any of the essential items on the test day. The very first thing you should do when studying for the MCAT is determine your test date.

This is where top scorers create a foundation for what’s to come in the next two stages. Your MCAT study plan is all about your test date, getting your current standing and your baseline, deciding on your goal score, and progress planning. A lot of the MCAT prep strategies we have are from those who achieved high MCAT scores within 3 months. Using those will probably save you A LOT more time than if you tried to figure it out on your own. Your goal should be dependant on which school you’re aiming to get into.

This study schedule requires you to commit to 3 hours per day for 6 days. The best thing you can do is take practice tests and practice questions. You should review each practice exam thoroughly and read all the answer explanations for the questions you missed. 3-months is usually enough time for most individuals when preparing for the MCAT. Individuals who are studying for 3-months should plan on spending about 20 hours per week studying. Preparing for the MCAT is a challenge, but knowing how much time you need to prepare and developing a study schedule can make it a little easier.

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