Malayalam film Dear Friend to stream on Netflix

These films may have had only a limited theatrical release but they are not to be missed by the discerning viewer. Varane Ayashyamund is an ideal choice if you are looking for a movie to uplift your mood. And it narrates multiple love stories that unfold within a small social circle.

Thiruvananthapuram-based Murali is an electrical design engineer, who quit his job in Dubai to follow his passion for cinema. An avid photographer, the 30-year-old got noticed initially for his ‘photo stories’ . Some of them went viral, such as the one on Vikraman and Muthu, two thieves from Mayavi, a popular children’s comic strip series, and another on the Malayalam film Manichithrathazhu.

There is no ability to filter the content to choose only movies or TV series, making this tool only so useful for languages with a large catalog presence like English or Hindi. The second menu allows users to choose from a list of dozens of languages, including Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Suresh Gopi, Shobana, Dulquer Salmaan, and Kalyani Priyadarshan feature in this romantic comedy drama movie directed by Dulquer Salmaan. The story follows a single mother and her daughter, who only wants to marry through an arranged marriage. When a Major and a young man come into their apartment building, things start to shift.

With a run-time of 157 minutes, the film takes us to Kurup’s life through different perspectives of people around him. The mood of the movie shifts along with the perspectives and turns into a gripping crime drama in the latter half, when Kurup goes absconding. Dulquer senapati aha Salmaan was flawless as ‘Kurup’, portraying the varied shades to perfection. These films had limited theatrical release in Bengaluru, and Chennai and it is quite probable that it was missed out amongst all the commercial films that rule the roost at the multiplexes.

The story follows Itthak who is the Thottappan of Sarah, his late partner, and best friend’s daughter. After his friend died, Itthak gave everything else up in order to care for Sarah and bring her up as his own. The film deals with themes of parenthood, brotherhood, family, community, trust, and betrayal. It is a very raw, real, and riveting watch, made special by superb performances by its actors.

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