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“We all hate you, bitch.” Yeah, Candace picked up pretty fast on the fact that her old enemies weren’t visiting to reminisce and say bygones. Thankfully, Benny soon awakened his sister from her nightmare. At David’s, after Leo manhandled Wyatt into anand devarakonda movies submission, the judge rang Jim to let him know the whereabouts of his prodigal son. Hilariously, Jeffrey got jealous when Madison tended to the security guard’s injured hand. Meanwhile, Wyatt complained that the lovers were making him sick.

The Haves and the Have Nots premiered on May 28, 2013, and ran for 8 seasons on the Oprah Winfrey Network , for a total of 196 hour-long episodes. The series finale aired on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. As part of the show’s finale, a two-part cast reunion special consisting of all The Have and Have Nots main characters in front of a live studio audience was televised, part 1 on July 27 and part 2 on August 3. Brett Davis as Mitchell “Mitch” Malone (Seasons 3–8; recurring season 2). Mitch is a friend of Benny, recruited to work at Benny’s new tow truck business. Mitch is later revealed to be related to the Malone crime family but chooses to live a straight and narrow life, though seen as the outcast within his family as a result.

Amanda has had issues with self-harm and suicide in the past, having engaged in cutting herself. It has been hinted in the series that the reasons for Amanda’s battles with self-harm may stem from some traumatic sex abuse incident from her distant past, involving Wyatt and a priest. The take-charge, self-assured, demeaning, crooked, unethical and thoughtlessly destructive patriarch of the Cryer family, and a Savannah criminal courts judge who has his eyes set on becoming Governor of Georgia.

Drastically and destructively flawed character traits abound from both rich and poor, perpetually creating for multidimensional chaos, tension and calamity. Circumstances on the program are regularly resolved through wild acts of violence, sabotage, rape, framing, murder, arson and other criminal acts. The Haves and the Have Nots is an American primetime television soap opera created, executive produced, written and directed by Tyler Perry. The premise of the series is loosely based on Perry’s 2011 play The Haves and the Have Nots.

Jon Chaffin as Warrick “Warlock/War” Lewis (Season 4; Guest in Season 2, 8; recurring seasons 3, 5). A friend of Candace, who helps extort money from Jim, but learns that Candace lied about the amount. Candace is Hanna’s estranged daughter, Benny’s older half-sister, and one of Jim’s multitude of mistresses turned ex-mistress and archenemy who’s less than half his age. Candace is nowhere near as easily subjugated as the rest of Jim’s ex-mistresses, such as Celine for one example. Candace is portrayed as a roguish, crafty jezebel; mischievous, flippant, saucy, presumptuous, and extremely nervy. Much to Jim’s shock, it’s Candace who subjugates others—central throughout much of the program—through her many forms of manipulation; extortion; low blows; and dirt she’s able to obtain on individuals.

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