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Heraklion was surrounded by high walls and bastions and extended westward and southward by the 17th century. The most opulent area of the city was the northeastern quadrant where all the elite were gathered together. The city had received another name under the rule of the Ottomans, “the deserted city”. The urban policy that the Ottoman applied to Candia was a two-pronged approach. It made the Ottoman elite contribute to building and rehabilitating the ruined city.

Find out about the 10 largest Greek islands, including Crete, Evia, Lesbos, Rhodes and Chios. One such area is located at the island of Elafonisi on the coast of southwestern Crete. Also, the palm forest of Vai in eastern Crete and the Dionysades , have diverse animal and plant life. Vai has a palm beach and is the largest natural palm forest in Europe. The island of Chrysi, 15 kilometres south of Ierapetra, has the largest naturally-grown Juniperus macrocarpa forest in Europe. Samaria Gorge is a World Biosphere Reserve and Richtis Gorge is protected for its landscape diversity.

It’s beyond mindful really because you’d be out of your mind not to go there if you have half the chance. On these four islands, tourism is all about sailing, swimming, mountain biking, sea kayaking, and hiking. Hit the beaches — Skiathos’s swanky Ambelakia to see and be seen, Skyros’s Kalamitsa for wind-surfing, Skopelos’s Hovolo for pine-scented breezes. And above all, do not miss sailing, swimming, or scuba diving in the National Marine Archaeological Park. To get to the Sporades Islands, thereare direct flights from Athens to Skiathos and Skyros. In summer, hydrofoils sail to all four islands from the port of Agios Konstantinos on the mainland.

Greece Travel Secrets lists four of the best destinations if you want to go sailing in the Greek islands. Greece Travel Secrets Greek Ferry Guide page uses an extract from the Aferry Greece website with advice on island-hopping, buying tickets online and timetables. For UK readers, all ten of the biggest islands in Greece would comfortably fit into Wales. The four biggest islands together are slightly larger than Northern Ireland. This number also varies as some are only inhabited in the summer.

Lesbos – Lesbos Island of Greece is much smaller than Crete island. The island is very close to the western border of Turkey at the Aegean sea. The island is 460 km from Athens, travel time from Athens to Euboea by Ferry is about 11 to 12 hours. Crete Island – Crete island is the largest island of Greece and the most populated island. The island is 394 km from Athens, travel time from Athens to Crete by Ferry is 7 hours. Tourists can take a flight from Athens that takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the island.

The epic cleft of Samaria Gorge beckons hiking pilgrims annually. Throw in the island’s superb food, beaches and history, from the Minoan Palace of Knossos to memories of Venetian, Byzantine, Moorish and Ottoman settlers. The largest Greek island is Crete, followed by Evvia, Lesvos and Rhodes. Ranging from the volcanic Santorini, the ancient mountainous hiking paths of Ithaca or Lefkada to the remote artists’ retreats of Skyros, you can sail, hike, hail or bike around them.

The island is on the west side of Athens, the easiest route is to take a bus or train to a coastal town, Patras. Patras is about 210 km from Athens and the time needed to reach Patras from Athens by bus or train is 3 hours. The distance is about 130 km and the ferry takes about 3 to 4 hours to reach the island. The island occupies the area of 45.5 square miles and 3230 people live on the island.

You should also check out Agios Isidoros Beach, one of the island’s best beaches, with crystal clear waters and excellent swimming conditions. To learn more about the history and background of the island, check out the Temple of Demeter Sangri, and the Temple of Dionysus, and the giant reviews Portara doorway in Naxos town. Some of the best hiking trails in Greece weave through the scenery here, including the ascent to the peak of Mount Zeas – the tallest mountain in the Cyclades. Lemnos, also commonly known as “Limnos” sits in the northern part of the Aegean Sea.

Contemporary estimates vary, but on the eve of the Greek War of Independence , as much as 45% of the population of the island may have been Muslim. A number of Sufi orders were widespread throughout the island, the Bektashi order being the most prevalent, possessing at least five tekkes. Many Cretan Turks fled Crete because of the unrest, settling in Turkey, Rhodes, Syria, Libya and elsewhere. Those remaining were relocated in the 1924 population exchange between Greece and Turkey. Under the rule of the Catholic Venetians, the city of Candia was reputed to be the best fortified city of the Eastern Mediterranean. The three main forts were located at Gramvousa, Spinalonga, and Fortezza at Rethymnon.

The island occupies 116.7 square miles and 6510 people live on the Karpathos island in Greece. There is only one ferry that leaves Athens per week and takes a couple of stops on the way to the Lemnos island, travel time by ferry is over 20 hours. The population of the island is 17,000 and the area is 184 square miles. The Skiathos island is 252 km from Athens, travel time 3 hours by ferry, population 6, 200, and area of island 19.3 square miles.

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