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Kyushu has a land area of 36,782 square kilometres and a population of 14,311,224 in 2018. You can create a design with PIXTA items before purchasing. Receive information regarding maintenance and special offers. To search by image, please select one of following ways.

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Find out sights, food and events of Nagasaki with this complete guide book. A guide that features introductory information on popular sightseeing spots in reviews Kyushu as well as local cuisines, events and a large detailed map of the whole region. This map is perfect for helping you on your trip around Kyushu.

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The Kyushu Shinkansen zips across from Fukuoka via Kumamoto to Kagoshima in 1 hr 20 min, and there is a fairly rapid express network covering most of the island. Some scenic local lines are attractions in their own right, such as the JR Hisatsu Line (肥薩線), which runs from Kumamoto via Yatsushiro to Hayato and is considered one of the most scenic in Japan. These lines often feature services aimed at tourists and sightseers, such as the steam-powered SL Hitoyoshi, which runs on weekends from Kumamoto to Hitoyoshi. Satsunan IslandsThe islands of Okinawa, leading southwest of Japan to Taiwan, are sometimes considered a part of Kyushu, and in fact the northernmost islands in the chain are administered by Kagoshima prefecture. Besides the volcanic area of the south, there are significant mud hot springs in the northern part of the island, around Beppu. The springs are the site of occurrence of certain extremophile microorganisms, which are capable of surviving in extremely hot environments.

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