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His back looks like ripped pieces of flesh and the scene is very graphic. Firstly I have no idea why the negative reviews, watch this as you would any National Geo production. what happened to pihu in real life I believe that this is a closer representation of the life of Jesus than Jesus of Nazareth. It was great to see an Arab actor playing Jesus as this is more believable.

As in their other books, the authors go for a you-are-there approach, writing in the present tense, with intermittent allusions to how many years, months or days their subject has left to live. They fill in their narrative with sections about Roman politics and daily life in old Israel, but much of what they include has for authority only the Bible, and while this is the only authority some need, there is, let’s say, room for scholarly argument. Get insight on new movies, music, and books all from a Christian perspective sent right to your inbox. Killing Jesus serves as a conversation starter, encouraging viewers to accept the historical evidence of Jesus.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. This inauthentic portrayal affected the remainder of the story as Jesus was portrayed as uncharismatic and seemed to not have many followers. Only a couple dozen people as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey?! I would give them a pass in that this could have been a budgetary issue, but I know digital extras aren’t that expensive to composite in. Along with the criticisms others have added, I wish to add my complaints about the way this film mostly ignored the high points in the life of Jesus.

He appeals to his disciples for reassurances as to what he truly is , as if he cannot recognize that in himself. King Herod is suffering delusions of grandeur—and fear of a coming messiah, as indicated by ancient Jewish prophecy. He intends to murder the child if he can find him. And at two years old, baby Jesus is drawing a surprising amount of unwanted attention from people in the small village of Bethlehem. So much so that, fearing repercussions, his father bundles him and Mary onto a donkey and takes them to Egypt for their own safety. Many years later, Herod is dead and his son, Herod Antipas desires to claim the throne.

National Geographic matches its mission to preserve history with O’Reilly and Dugard’s carefully researched book and its findings about the Man from Galilee. Though some criticize it for focusing on Jesus’ humanity and glossing over His divinity, Killing Jesus does what National Geographic and its authors set out to do–tell an engaging account of one of the most influential figures in history. Killing Jesus centers on the Son of God, but gives those in power who sought to quash his growing influence over the Jewish people a chance to tell their side of the story. He is baffled at his first miracle, but also delighted. Scenes of him healing people and performing miracles are left out.

Grammar and his family fail, of course, and we jump the decades to meet darkly attractive carpenter Haaz Sleiman . He is baptized by Abhin Galeya , and we’re off and running… Given that this was television, everyone was implausibly good-looking, including a particularly buff John the Baptist , but at least we were spared any flashy Hollywood-style special effects. More hot and dusty Wolf Hall than Passion of the Christ, the first instalment of this two-part film traced the political machinations behind the spiritual story.

Chapter Eleven describes Pontius Pilate’s governance of Judaea and Chapter Twelve Jesus’s entry to Jerusalem. In Chapter Thirteen, Jesus cleanses the Temple again and curses the fig tree. In Chapter Fourteen, he goes to the house of Mary and Martha, proclaims the Golden Rule, tells the Pharisees to “Render unto Caesar”, weeps over Jerusalem, and predicts his own death. Chapter Fifteen has the betrayal of Judas and Chapter Sixteen has the Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden, and the arrest of Jesus.

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