Keiser University-Orlando Off-Campus Apartments

Only students 18 years of age and above or students who reside with parents, in the local area are permitted to live off-campus. In special circumstances, exceptions to this policy may be granted. These are considered on a case by case basis and the decision of the Student Life Department is final; therefore, there is no appeal process. Students who do not abide by this policy will not be allowed to register. Resident Director is a full-time staff member living on campus.

The sacramental life of the Latin American Campus is provided by the Chaplain, Father Robert Rindos, and other guest priests at La Purísima Chapel. They provide regular sacramental ministry and spiritual counseling. Every night, one male and one female Resident Assistant is on duty from 9pm until 12am midnight and on call from 7am, to provide basic security and ensure that the dormitories are quiet and conducive to community living. As of 2011, colleges are required to have a net price calculator on their website to help prospective students and their families understand the actual cost of attending that school, based on their financial situation.

The property features BR rental units available starting at $1096. Amenities include Dogs Ok, Cats Ok, Pet Friendly Community, omg sweepstakes and In-Unit Laundry. The Landing at East Mil Apartments is a Orlando Apartment located at 4937 Waterway Ct.

It is very rewarding though knowing you will be finished in sixteen months, rather than twenty-four months. I’ll be working and making an income while the college down the street is still in class. When visiting Keiser University’s Lakeland campus i was very pleased with the way the advisors and faculty treated each other and guests. The main priority on this campus is to make sure you accomplish your career goals and not be distracted by anything else. Immediately when I sat down with the advisor all questions were answered, and never lost communication with advisor through admissions process.STRONGLY RECOMMEND….. Keiser has a friendly atmosphere, every time I go to see my councilor they are always in a good mood and glad to help.

Amenities include Dogs Ok, Cats Ok, Pet Friendly Community, Pet Park, On-Site Laundry,… Seabrook is a Winter Park Apartment located at 3114 Terry Brook Drive. The property features BR rental units available starting at $972. Amenities include Dogs Ok, Cats Ok, Pet Friendly Community, On-Site Laundry, and In-Unit Laundry… Avery Place Villas is a Orlando Apartment located at 5917 Mustang Place.

The RD is assisted by a staff of students that have the title of Resident Assistants (RA’s). The primary responsibility of the Resident Director is to ensure that residence halls are safe and functional for all students. Job duties include establishing student conduct policies, responding to student concerns about housing and environment, and planning and supervising student activities within and around residence halls. Resident director lives on campus and is available year-round to assist with student housing issues. Keiser is a private university with many programs to choose from.

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