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The Thái Bình Province is located on the coast in northern Vietnam, about 100 km from Hanoi. While the social and economic conditions in Vietnam have increasingly improved in recent years, Thái Bình is still one of the poorer regions. In particular, children are still exposed to great suffering, many have no access to clean drinking water and sanitation, many children suffer from malnutrition. PRANA Foundation pays around two thirds of the construction costs of an entire SOS Children’s Village in Thái Bình.

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And this is what we actualy experienced in organization called Viva. Small weekly activities booted up by two volunteers until now activate children and show them how to spend time in creative way. This way, all children gain competences necessary to build themselves positive future and succeed in school, work, home and their communities. Children in the rural areas of East Africa often don’t come to school.

This is why we developed our sustainable sports and play program, in which primary school teachers change their mindsets about the way school ‘should be’ and learn how to implement SEL through sports and play at school. Play is as fundamentally important for the development of a child set alarm for 640 am as schooling and education. It allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination; dexterity; and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play has therefore been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child.

For children with a disability, sports and play are powerful means to make them look at possibilities instead of limitations. The Spartans Community Football Academy offers an alternative school program for children and adolescents who are not able to follow the mainstream curriculum due to emotional and social behaviour problems. The program supports students through special coaching and mentoring, focusing on self-reflection, personal development and fostering a growth mindset.

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