Is ‘Pihu’ based on real story? Who was Pihu’s story based on in real life? Bollywood News

The film is made on a small budget and not promoted well. Director tried to maximum commercialize the movie… Director tried too much hard to get the child act.. The same year, she became the youngest actor to feature in a solo film.

As per, a 3-year-old girl lived with her dead mother inside an apartment for two-three days before being rescued by the police. I love this film plus everyone involved in it, did y’all realize that the whole movie we only saw two characters? That’s super creative, and i want to believe that the father was all along the camera man, well played and choreographed until, the ending scene wasn’t good though.

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The story of the film Pihu is about a 2-year-old toddler who wakes up next to her deceased mother. Pihu’s father is away on business, leaving no one to monitor Pihu and prevent her from everyday dangers in her house. Pihu assumes that her mother is asleep, goes about her day watching TV, plugging in sockets, leaving taps open and even closing herself inside a refrigerator. Gaurav calls multiple times throughout the movie from Kolkata, even trying to apologise on phone to Puja for the fight, through Pihu.

The house is in a total mess and the father is missing. Tiny Pihu grapples with the little things. She runs to her mother every now and then asking her for help. Unable to wake her music from the tender bar mother and also unable to control her little tummy, little Pihu carries the toilet seat to sit on the commode. Removing her Pajamas and her underwear proves a challenge to her.

She is alone though we get a glimpse of a woman, who appears to be her mother. But, the woman is lying unresponsive on the bed, presumably dead even when Pihu tries to wake her up. There is even a poignant scene when Pihu sleeps on the top of her mother, hugging her. Remember the 1990 American flick ‘Home Alone’ where an 8-year-old boy is mistakenly left behind by his family on Christmas vacation?

The movie is directed by Vinod Kapri and released in the year 2018 is available to watch Netflix. However, the story of the film is based on true events that took place in Delhi, India, a few years prior to the film’s release. The real life shocking incident occurred at mother has been constant power cut out. But I guess I love dark films and this particular movie didn’t disappoint me at all. The film opens with a two year old Pihu who had her birthday the day beforewaking up from sleepthis morning , which is also the doomsday when the unfortunate incident takes place. She looks at her mother, tries to wake the motionless body lying on the bed.

Soon it is revealed that this is the plan that Sonakshi and Sherlyn cooked up to save themselves and create a bad image of Preeta in front of the Luthra family. They threaten the kidnapper of taking away his love’s life if he doesn’t act according to their plan. This makes Preeta realise that Sonakshi has been cheating the Luthra family and every one by claiming that Pihu is her daughter. She tells the doctor to take care of Pihu and leaves. Karan feels that something is wrong while he is at home.

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