How to Use Amazon Negative Keywords Effectively

You’ll now have different options to further refine your search. In the example above, we excluded the words “women, men, belly, funny, cheap.” This decreased the total keywords for “fanny packs” from 716 to 636 keywords. In this case, the results for fanny packs go down to 1,587 total keywords. To do this, simply add a minus sign (-) before the word you wish to exclude.

When you look through the search results, you realise that most of them are related to the musical instrument steel drums. Let’s have a look at the three primary ways to exclude words from Google search. Search Term reports are available for both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand campaigns and its a best practice to use negatives in both. This is a simple way to exclude the entire alphabet, but it’s also extremely useful.

For example, if you search for “books” and exclude “used,” you will only see results for new books. You can also use the minus sign to exclude multiple words. You can filter a product search based on what the product looks like and any variations deserve 50m series holdings that you can look at. Alternatively, you can use the price and customer reviews to narrow your product search. You can also click the boxes with currency signs next to them and type in a minimum or maximum price to set a custom price range.

The keyword lists created by the research tools you use will feature terms that are tightly connected to each other. While you mostly want to keep those search terms that present higher search counts, you will want to make a note of synonyms and related terms. Keyword research tools like Seller Labs Technology will save you time, but you shouldn’t neglect manual research. Use a keyword tool to get the search volume data, but gather new ideas using the tried-and-true methods. Learning how to use search operators and excluding words from your search will effectively improve the quality of your Google search results. To exclude words from your Google Search results, you just need to learn how to use a couple ofsearch operators.

Anything less, and you’ll miss revenue-enhancing improvements. Make performance monitoring easy on yourself by setting up a dashboard to show results over time. However, the search engine is far more than most of us realize. With the google search tips and search techniques discussed in this article, your experience with Google search will significantly improve. The internet has become a crowded place today as there are many options for the same query. Your ad might still show when someone searches for a phrase that’s longer than 16 words, and your negative keyword follows that 16th word.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll be given more options to refine your search. Here you can include a more detailed search with further options. Combining multiple filters during the advanced search can get as narrow as possible with the product search. It allows you to see a list of results for the search terms you entered and from a particular department. However, there are a lot of results which makes it difficult to know the right product.

Instead of using the default Boolean AND Google will now look for any of the keywords. The syntax can vary between different search engines, and even between the different Google services. Search Engines are not case sensitive when it comes to keywords (as opposed to Operators (like ‘OR’, see below), so there will be no difference if you type or or . Searching the internet can be cumbersome and arduous, since not always it is possible to find the right search term , and thus the results are mostly useless. When you’re searching for something really specific, the more information you give Google, the more likely Google will be to find results that contain the information you’re looking for. Google also has an advanced search page just for images and one for videos as well.

For example, if you targeted “bikes” as a topic and “cycling” as a Display/Video keyword, your ads will show on content that matches either. In addition to searching for images using words in Google Image Search, you can actually search for images using… images. You can then search through your Evernote clips later right from Google’s search results.

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