How to Silk Press Natural Hair: 13 Steps with Pictures

Both these oils are also rich in fatty acids, which can moisturise and seal the hydration in your natural hair. Then when choosing a blow dryer to dry your hair and flat iron to straighten them opt for tools with various heat settings so you can control how much heat you put on them. You can also put your afro hair into sections to make sure all of it is evenly dried and straightened. A popular temporary straightening method is the Dominican blowout which originated in the Dominican Republic.

Most silk presses start with blowdrying on wet hair, which means the silk press heightens the risk of exposure to a kind of damage known as “bubble hair”. You will need a hairdryer, brush, straightening iron, comb, and clips. You’ll also need shampoo and deep conditioner as well as a thermal protectant. As soon as you wash your hair, it will go back to its natural state.

Instead, you can use the first couple of weeks after you shampoo out your silk press to focus on cleansing and conditioning your hair and scalp. Keratin treatments are a type of blowout that involves applying and sealing the keratin formula in the hair before finishing off with the blow-dryer. You can get a silk press every three to four months, depending on your hair’s health.

If you want some additional options to flat irons and relaxers take a look at this post we did on 7 ways to straighten hair. If you want to make your curls super straight and sleek, a silk press is the way to go. It will last you a couple weeks, is affordable, and involves minimal heat damage when done correctly. Ahead, learn how a pro performs a silk press, how to make the style last longer, and what you should know before booking an appointment. 1st she washed my hair then conditioned it then she put a smoothing treatment on and my scalp began to burn for 20 minutes. I have gone back twice in 1 month but now my hair is thin, can’t hold a curl, falls out everytime I touch it and I’m miserable.

Depending on your hair, it may also involve wrapping the hair with a plastic cap or cling film and putting you under the hair dryer for a few minutes to give it some body. Frequent gym-goers are advised to skip the silk press process as silk presses temporarily straighten the hair, and sweat, water, and humidity can cause your hair to revert to its natural state. Hydrogen bonds are weaker, temporary and dependent on the amount of water in your hair.

Although this technique isn’t as damaging as other straightening services, it doesn’t mean you’re completely safe from damage. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist questions during your silk press appointment to learn why and how they’re using specific tools goddess box braids what hair to use or products. Their tips can help you level up your at-home hair care routine. This is the step that separates a silk press from a regular blowout. Once hair is dried, your stylist will section your hair out again and get to work on pressing your hair.

Cheryl Burke would “love to” be a judge on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ now she has stepped down as one of the show’s professional dancers. I’m really tried of coloring at this point as my hair seems REALLY coarse and probably damaged from over processing with color. I’m very grey at the roots and it was suggested to me to try a Dominican Blowout. You can get around most of these disadvantages by using the rollerset-based silk press which is closer to the Dominican Blowout method but still includes a press. On 1 side of the head, pull out the very bottom part of your hair. Use a comb or clip to make a line across the bottom so you get an even layer.

Once the heat protectant is sprayed on, there’s no need to apply a leave-in conditioner as you normally would. This is because the heat protectant “seals the cuticles, making hair easier to detangle, as well as protecting it from heat,” Bishop explains. I once had someone tell me that their silk press was doing so good and lasting so long. I knew it had been a while since the last time I saw this person so I looked back at my appointment book to see the date of the last appointment.

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