How To Photograph Jewelry: Jewelry Photography Tips

When it comes to rings, Blu-Tack, glue dots and double-sided tape can be really useful. You can stand the rings up horizontally and get a really nice angle, like in the photo below. When looking to purchase your first macro lens, we recommend choosing a lens with a focal length of 60mm. Ecommerce store owners are intimidated by how small, shiny and intricate the products can be.

However, this is assuming that you have your brand somewhere on the packaging. Take a look at how Tiffany does it with one of their pieces. Shopify’s research team conducted a series of in-depth interviews with North American shoppers to learn how customer trust is formed in online stores. Position your camera on its tripod so you are shooting slightly down at the product.

For stud earrings, all you need is a piece of acrylic or painted wood with a couple of holes in it. You then prop up this backboard vertically, and pin the earrings through the holes. Mirror background in jewelry photography can yield desired light reflections. A simple mirror, a tablet screen, or even a cooking foil is suitable for creating such striking effects.

Otherwise, you can opt to either make some modifications or use Photoshop to touch up pictures to help your jewelry stand out. Remember, you want your jewelry photography to be consistent and focused on your product. Don’t take artsy low-aperture shots of your jewelry that focus on only one part of the product.

Once this is complete, you can simply continue with any other post production work you had planned. Note that this doesn’t create the focus stack, it only aligns the opened images and makes sure they are all the same magnification. The focus stacking meant the image of the rings required the most work in Photoshop. That said, to focus stack a series of images in Photoshop is fairly straightforward, because the software does most of the hard work for you. My second light was a small ball of light that I used to create some specularity and sparkle.

Most sellers prefer a simple light-colored backdrop for capturing jewelry photos. Lifestyle photos are also popular in this industry, where models are hired to portray the beauty and utility of the jewelry. And if budget is a constraint, a silhouette or stand are alternate options. In ecommerce it is very much essential that the authenticity of the jewellery remain intact in your jewelry product photography. In online stores people do not get the chance to touch the jewelry piece, so your photograph is the decision making factor for the customers. Want an image of your jewelry on its own, but can’t seem to create the perfect shape?

Also, it helps to use lower shutter speed and ISO to avoid noise. When photographing jewellery, it’s better to photograph it while it’s being worn by a guyanese gold jewelry store model. No matter what hue your skin is, it always appears to be chilly on the surface. This is included in the category of fashion jewellery photos.

And it also helps accommodate for different lengths of chains. October 04, 2022 How to Prepare Your Jewelry E-Commerce Store for the Holiday As predicted, holiday shopping this year will start earlier than normal. October 03, 2022 Tourmaline, the Birthstone for October Tourmaline, the most colorful mineral and gemstone on earth, is also the birthst… There are plenty of options to choose from, but as long as you know what you need and what you need it for, you’re on the right path.

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