How to Make a Playlist on TikTok: Everything Brands Need to Know

If you try any methods and do not see any playlist option, the feature isn’t available for you yet. Over time, the feature will be readily available to everybody, and you can follow the below paragraphs to create a playlist. With this feature, creators will have more tools to organize their videos and create better content. TikTok playlists are a great feature as some creators have many videos that can be a nightmare to keep organized. Hopefully, TikTok will roll this feature out to all users in the future. TikTok has become a massively successful platform for short-form videos, giving people a quick laugh or a short overview of a topic.

Often, they will have a guiding narrative throughout. TikTok playlists are fairly similar to an IGTV how to post a premiere video on facebook series. If you have experience with IGTV series, then TikTok playlists will be a no-brainer.

Some of these videos happen to be telling a story, following particular themes, or is a series curated by the creator. Fortunately, content creators can now organize these videos for their followers in what is known as a playlist that will hold certain types of videos. While creating a playlist is relatively easy, you might be wondering if it’s necessary. If you have access to the TikTok playlist feature, your playlists will appear above your videos on your brand’s profile page. Your viewers can also access them by tapping on the yellow tag on any video that’s part of a playlist. Hit the Videos tab and press the “Sort videos into playlists” option to create your first playlists.

It is TikTok’s advantage over its other competitors in the social media world. It is home to more than 1.2 billion active users. If you are among those users looking for how to make playlists on TikTok, keep reading this article till the end. We are bringing you this helpful guide that will teach you how to create playlist on TikTok and how can you find TikTok playlists. Have you noticed that some of your favorite TikTok creators have custom playlists on their profiles? Playlists makes it super easy for your followers to easily view your multi-part TikTok clips, as well as watch curated selections of your best content.

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It’s honestly the most basic feature which should have been given to creator accounts from the beginning. It allows creators to organize videos into collections for easy scrolling. You can select the option to delete a playlist in the same three-dot menu. This menu also has the “Edit” option to add or remove multiple videos to or from a playlist or reorder them. The new feature is like Instagram’s Highlights, which lets you sort Stories into collections.

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