How to Grow Curly Hair Tips for Getting Long, Curly Hair

Mens curly hairstyles can look elegant and dapper as well. For instance, with such a hair texture, the slick back style gains a new twist. Besides, as you have curly locks, you won’t lack volume when slicking them back because they manage to maintain ampleness and fullness. You’ll just need a hair styling product with a strong hold to keep your ringlets in place. Opting for an angled fringe haircut men with curly locks achieve a very bold and sharp look. The fringe haircut seems heavier than with other hair textures, but the right styling will fix it up.

The Longhairs have covered a lot of ground about the awkward stage, but there is something especially difficult about growing out curly hair. Long hair for men is even more exceptional with waves or curls. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips for how to grow long curly hair for men. Deciding the exact shape should be based on personal preference and hair type. However, if feeling adventurous, you can massage a mixture of leave-in conditioner and curl cream into the hair and twist into fatter curls. This will give a more relaxed look, which makes the most of the natural bounce of the hair.

Be sure to check our guide on picking the best hairstyle for balding men. Show your texture up on top.Wear your curls loose on top and more closely shaven on the sides for a softer version of our favorite fade style. We love how an overgrown curly fade adds shape to your style without giving you a drastic difference in lengths. You’re in a new lane now, so the texturizing products that you relied on for short, choppy styles are no longer suitable. Instead, you have to switch to lighter products that you can apply to towel-dried hair, in order to tame it as it grows.

This look uses a tight fade that graduates to reveal a naturally wavy texture at the top. It’s a great choice for people with naturally wavy or curly hair looking to add some interest and structure to their overall look. Make sure your hair is a good candidate for wearing long. Just like specific beard styles require specific types of beard growth, particular hairstyles require particular kinds of hair growth. While you’ve got enough hair in the first place (after all, you’re growing it out and showcasing it), it’s not a bad idea to fight hair loss simultaneously.

That is, to slow down its advances, so that you can maintain your enviable hairline, or fortify the hairs you do have. This way, each follicle continues to grow strong, and you might even resuscitate some dormant follicles in the process, meaning you’ll have even more hair to show off. Visit your doctor to discuss prescriptions for finasteride , and minoxidil .

Just tell you that you may have to deal with it if you’re growing it out and are set on that exact style. He had hit a stumbling block though and was at the stage where most of us consider getting rid of it. Instead of getting rid of it though, we suggested he had a haircut in between. Third haircut in 2021; scroll to the end to see a pic of how my hair looks now.

When your hair is dry, it tries to absorb all the extra moisture it can from the environment around you. That’s why on a humid day, your curly locks can turn into a frizzy mop. Curly hair and wavy hair are naturally more prone to dryness, but straight-haired guys can get frizz too. Washing your hair too often or using the wrong products can strip your hair of its natural oils, throwing its moisture balance off and over-drying your hair. For those with wavy hair or seeking to create a wavy look, finding the best styling method can be a demanding task. Some men have very thick hair and dense curls, or they may have frizz and flyaways that change with the weather.

If you have curly hair and want to balance out the soft texture of your mane with hardlines, then pair it with an undercut. And if you think that styling curly hair with an undercut is limited, think again. You could dry it naturally and put a few products on it, or you can blow dry it with a diffuser, which creates more texture and edge. Or if you want to lose a couple of years, wear it simply, sans accessories and beard, just like in the photo.

For those with coiled curly hair, maintenance is going to be slightly more challenging, especially as your hair grows longer. Coiled hair is often thicker and more voluminous than wavy hair, and combing, in particular, dust on hairbrush can be a major struggle without the right tools. So, you’ll want to arm yourself with a wide-tooth comb that will make it easier to tease through those coils and style your hair the way you like.

Your hands are your best combs for styling longer hair. “Your fingers are your best combs for long hair,” Thad told me. If you don’t have one already, you’ll want to get yourself a paddle brush; you can find out more about the right brushes and combs for different kinds of men’s hair here.

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