How To Clean Up Your Social Media for a Job Search

Finally, consider your endorsements and testimonials – this boosts your credibility. The tedious process of cleaning up your social media might seem social media workflow excessive. However, just like your physical appearance can judge you, your social media identity can also be used to judge your personality.

Twitter is one of the most popular platforms to express opinions and hear others. It can be easy to react quickly to something on Twitter and get in a heated exchange with a random stranger. If there is even doubt that something you like or post might be offensive, remove it. helps 1MM parents, educators, and students each year to be safe on social media so they can someday Shine Online.

Delete or untag yourself in any images that do not promote this professional image. While you may have had a blast doing a kegstand in college, this type of behavior does not align with the professional image you want to present to prospective employers or recruiters. Despite what you might expect, employers are not necessarily looking at social media activity to discover reasons to rule out an applicant. In fact, many employers are actually reviewing social media platforms to look for reasons tohirean applicant.

You have to audit your accounts which you have created online. An audit is essential if you have opened many accounts over time for gaming, socializing, even online shopping. All those accounts are easy to forget but essential to manage.

As for search engines, don’t bother seeing if they clean up social media accounts. You won’t have any luck asking them to rig their results in your favor. Would you want your Mom/Dad/Boss/Teacher/Student/Employees to see this?

Even if you don’t, those pictures are definitely getting flagged by our software. What about that month in 2014 after you quit your job and moved to the nearest city where every Facebook caption included some version of “YOLO, zero ”? You probably forgot about that month, but BrandYourself’s cutting-edge technology will find it and flag it. Know how your online presence is helping or hurting your career with your comprehensive Reputation Score. Once again steps up—though in this case it’s a paid-for feature.

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