How to Blow Dry a Bob Quickly & Perfectly

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You’ll want to work on one segment at a time, clipping the others up and out of the way. “In order to keep the hair as healthy as possible, you want to use a heat protectant to block it from too much heat as well as to help avoid frizz,” says Everett. When it comes to selecting a heat protectant, look for something “that protects the hair up to 450 degrees, minimizes frizz, and is keratin-based,” says Everett.

No matter what i do, i cant get the wave out of my hair. Its not wavy nice but just wavy enough that straight is never straight. I just got an angled bob and now i wish i didnt cuz styling it takes so much time that i dont have.. This basically is what I was doing when you described it in words, but now that I see the video, it’s even clearer. I have three times as much hair than you, so I figure it’ll take a good nine minutes to get all dry.

My stylist said everyone’s hair texture changes about every 7 years or so, and especially after children. Mine is over 50% grey now and the wiry grey for sure behaves differently and its so challenging. A HUGE thank you to Janine for taking the time to show me the tricks of the trade. She is the best and you can check out her salon here.

Using a heat protectant spray can help protect your hair from any heat-induced damage. A permanent blow dry refers to keratin treatment to eliminate frizz for a shiny and smooth texture of hair. With proper care, the effects of this treatment could last for 3-6 months. The different ways in which you can dry your hair include air drying, blow-drying, towel-drying, and plopping. Brush your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb to distribute the hair serum or heat protectant spray throughout the hair. After washing, towel dry your hair from the roots to absorb excess water without disturbing the waves.

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