How I Achieved a Perfect Score 528 on the MCAT

They flesh out each point in more detail and do it from the perspective of someone grounded in STEM rather than the liberal arts. But if you’re the type of student who just doesn’t think you can get where you want to be without a little help and support from others, then a good MCAT prep course can work really well. Knowing the costs involved – and that there’s a whole bunch of amazing learning resources out there that for free, is a big hurdle to get past.

There’s no ideal time to take an MCAT prep course, as the timing will work out differently for each student. You should start an MCAT prep course with enough time to complete it before taking the exam. The American Association of Medical Colleges , the administer of the MCAT, recommends that all students spend 300 or more hours preparing for the exam. The Princeton Review’s MCAT prep courses are by no means inexpensive, but they can definitely be worth it for students who need intensive study.

So, in addition to covering important topic areas such as physiology and pharmacology, MCAT prep courses also cover test-taking skills like time management and the process of elimination. MCAT prep courses are especially helpful for students who tend to need a guiding mentor or tutor. For people who study well alone and can commit to the process, prep courses may not be worth it. A good MCAT prep course will include a variety of study content and encourage you to hone your knowledge through many modalities of study. Take the subject of anatomy and physiology, for example.

Another thing was their approach to reviewing a full length which shifted the process from being overwhelming to being actually fun! I’d recommend Sean Studies if you are starting out and need a solid plan to get things going along with great accountability. I worked with Pillar Prep through the program they run at my college and I thought it was very helpful. But the best part were the pre-recorded videos which allowed me to pause and make sure I was processing the information. I thought that the Psych/Soc resources they gave were second to none and were the secret to my success on that section.

Princeton Review is known for its rigorous test prep options, and the premise of its MCAT prep courses is to help you achieve better results in less time. Blueprint’s live-online course combines the flexibility of distance learning with a unique lecturing style into one seamless and effective MCAT prep course. Also, one-on-one tutoring allows you to focus on the areas you need help with and skip over the ones you don’t. This is a major benefit for students who only need to boost their score on one of the four MCAT sections.

Then, you’ll set goals, determine action items, establish a timeline, track your progress, and, finally, take the MCAT. If you’re a self-starter and a disciplined student, the free MCAT Self Prep course could skyrocket your score. If you need hasan minhaj height a bit more structure, consider Self Prep’s Basic Pro ($9.99), Advanced Pro ($99), or Deluxe Pro ($999) courses. These are all one-time payments, and the content becomes more comprehensive and you get more perks as the prices increase.

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