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On October 29th, 2020, TikToker critterbiscuit uploaded a video of themself performing a choreographed dance to a telephone-quality version of “Opus No. 1” uploaded as an unnamed original sound . The video is captioned, “43 minutes on hold 🙃” and garnered over 82,000 views in just under 3 weeks. TikTok is a social media app that is all about sharing one’s content. So the easiest way to record a video is to use the iPhone app.

Muzak, so synonymous with that filler, declined until the company filed for bankruptcy in 2009. But in its place a host of companies have blossomed, suggesting that being put on hold is an opportunity not to be missed. It was born of a need to reassure business callers that they had not been forgotten by operators struggling to cope with ever growing telephone traffic. Hence the 1966 patent granted to one Alfred Levy for his “Telephone Hold Program System”, which suggested playing “music, thereby to pacify the originator of the call if the delay becomes unduly long”. Young woman listening to music and drinking coffee in the street. The girl walks through the metropolis and listens to music with…

In his old job, he says, he was concerned with “the mood of those on the dancefloor in front of me”. Background music “is the same, but on a global scale”. Black silhouette of female singer with white spotlights in the background. Black silhouette of female singer with white spotlights in the… Serious businessman with headphones travelling to work. Standing inside underground wagon, holding handhandle.

It’s meant to fill the void of being sent indefinitely to customer service limbo, but during the pandemic a lot more of us are on hold, whether it’s with the unemployment office, or dealing with medical or credit card bills. OMI’s Cheerleader was the most streamed song of 2015, with 71.7 million plays on platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Google Play. That’s more time than we spent streaming tracks like Cheerleader, by OMI, which, sort of, makes the HMRC tune one of 2015’s biggest hits. Phone Music On Hold is an ideal royalty free audio track for any project that requires a bassline, beat and beautiful audio tune. Hold music is a replacement for silence that delivers one message, “Yes, you are still on hold.” This is all it has to say, and in that sense, it only has to be noise. Yet on this shriveled cactus of purpose, baubles hang that delight anyway.

Customize your message on hold — music helps strengthen engagement. Choose from a wide selection of musical styles, including rock, classical, yellowstone songs season 4 hip-hop, holiday and more. With over a dozen genre’s to choose from, your on hold music will be just as unique as your business.

We take care of ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, Sound Exchange, SOCAN, and Global Music Rights on your behalf. Add or edit tracks to your specific lengths or needs. Including the latest songs and your favorite artists and genres. But the TikTok trend also allows us to see a wider range of on-hold experiences.

Woman wearing pink vest, blue headphones and holding blue can in front of blue wall background. Many of our clients already engage the talents of a preferred voice over talent. You only have to let us know how you want to incorporate your voice over talent with us.

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