HitTrax Baseball Simulator

Baseball & Softball training facilities and retail products to Baseball & Softball players of all skill levels. Our retail store is fully stocked for your convenience and our extensive range ensures there is a solution for anyone. Our players love using HitTrax for the real-time feedback they get on their swing, and so do our coaches as they can look at months’ worth of data to see how a player is improving. Simply put, HitTrax is a separator in the instruction business. It even got an old retired player like myself to swing the bat again!

While Major League Baseball took in a record $9 billion in revenue last year, and the average value of the 30 MLB teams is $1.2 billion, the sport’s average audience viewer hovers around 55 years old. So while business is currently booming for baseball’s top league, many fear the foundation of the game is eroding because it is failing to resonate with younger generations. “It’s a new machine where you can hit at any stadium and it reads the velocity off the bat and the launch angle,” Kelly said. “Just kinda looking at that and trying to figure out what’s the best angle for me and do I get the most distance and velocity off the bat.” “In previous years I’ve hit a lot of line drives and balls on the ground, but now I really try to increase a little bit of the launch angle and elevate the ball a little more,” Kelly said. “I’m not the fastest guy out there, so if I hit the ball on the ground, I’m more than likely out, so hitting the ball in the air and driving the ball into the gap is what I’m getting back to.”

They can be more instinctive and train for real in-game situations. HitTrax proves player improvement and greatly assists my instructors by tracking player development within a lesson, as well as over a long term training period. HitTrax is the most engaging technology providing valuable, instantaneous feedback. It’s a must have from a player development and revenue generation standpoint.

Hitters is Spokane’s most fun and welcoming batting cages for baseball and softball. Hitters offers Hittrax technology to provide instant feedback to whether that bomb was an actual home run or just a pop up to the shortstop. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just want to relive your glory days, stop in at Hitters and you will be treated with the utmost respect and we promise you will have an awesome experience.

This accuracy has a +/- one mph room for error, which is reasonable. Additionally, the tests claimed that the reported distances had an error percentage of about 5% of the actual distance when compared to measuring the distance of the ball with a tape measure. Once you set up your profile, any statistics you generate on the software will be stored in the cloud. Today we are going to dive in and answer the question, “what is HitTrax?

It offers players personalized statistics helping them become more in tune with their playing techniques when practicing in an indoor training environment. It does this by transforming any battering cage into a high-tech analytics and stats center enabling players to enhance their hitting and pitching styles before stepping on the playing field. Enhance your training with HitTrax real-time statistics and key performance metrics such as exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, strike zone analysis, spray charts and more. The immediate feedback empowers hitters and pitchers, leading to more productive training sessions with quantitative results.

Get to know the offensive minded NESCAC program that has utilized HitTrax to engage their players and elevate their performance. HitTrax has definitely provided a spark to our training environment and has opened an entirely new revenue softball slow pitch pitching machine stream for our business. HitTrax has enabled our program to make significant strides in all facets of our offensive output and has been the genesis for a drastic increase in the amount of volume our players voluntarily hit.

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