Heart For Heart Girls Dolls

She lives on a sheep ranch that her dad tends and visits the reservation where her grandmother lives every summer. Mosi is a Native American girl who is determined to keep the stories and traditions of her culture alive. She walks two paths, as she is a modern girl connected to the changing world, yet she works hard to stay connected to her Native American culture.

I’m a little concerned by the lack of availability that the dolls have had this past year and am hoping it will not hurt the company in the long run. These are still, hands down, the best inexpensive play dolls out there as far as hair quality. I love recommending them to family and friends.

Like all Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls, the dolls stands 14 inches high with a poseable, smooth vinyl body, and high-quality rooted hair for hours of doll play. From her earrings, her bracelet, and even her little boots we loved. Her clothing is Native American inspired with her print dress and leggings.

This adorable knit top, by Little Miss Muffett, for your favorite 14 – 14.5-inch doll features a… I love them all and it is very hard to choose but I think Lauryce is my favorite because of her beautiful hair and lovely colors. Now besides being beautiful mommy likes that with each purchase a portion of the funds from each doll helps out the country the doll is from. There are dolls from all over the world and there is nothing like helping another country in need. Mosi’s donation goes to benefit North American Native Americans. Mommy and I were lucky enough to receive Mosi – Native American to review.

Some people hypothesized that it was caused by the glue holding the eyes in reaction with the eyes themselves when exposed to sunlight, but I don’t think that was ever confirmed. My dolls have been just a few feet away from my window for a couple years with no change, so I’m not sure what to believe. Anyways, they fixed that issue with the second run of dolls.

Every Hearts for Hearts Girls doll comes with a donation to organizations that help children in need around the world. Consuleo is a generous and imaginative ten-year-old from Mexico City. Read her story and visit hearts4heartsgirls.com to more learn more about Consuleo. Includes friendship bracelet, comb and storybook. The other thing I love how many minutes is a mile in a car about the Hearts for Hearts Girls is that it gives my girls an opportunity to think about other little girls just like them living in countries far away. And while what’s on the inside is most important, I also love using dolls from different countries and cultures to show my girls that there are many different types of physical beauty.

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