Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Character List

At some point, while she worked with the Order of the Phoenix, Tonks fell in love with Remus Lupin. Remus Lupin found her very amusing and impressive, reciprocating her feelings. But soon enough decided that he was too old for her, too poor for her, and it was just too dangerous for her to be in a relationship with a werewolf. After the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, Tonks begged and pleaded with Lupin. Using Fleur’s immovable dedication to Bill in spite of his wounds and werewolf potential, Tonks begged Lupin to take her back and accept her love. She was the member who sent a fake letter to the Dursley family, convincing them that they had to leave because they had been entered into a competition for some of the best kept suburban lawns.

She develops a big crush on the werewolf and falls deeply in love with him yet Remus, worried about the consequences of her dating a werewolf would be, continuously dismisses her. In the Half-Blood Prince blockbuster, Harry thinks he’s being smart by using his Invisibility Cloak to eavesdrop on a conversation between Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, and Blaise Zabini on the Hogwarts Express. Unfortunately for him, Draco notices a sudden movement overhead and catches the Boy Who Lived in the act. He immobilizes his enemy and breaks his nose in revenge, with the wounds of Lucius Malfoy’s arrest mere months previously still raw.

She gave Harry a miniature replica of his Firebolt as a Christmas present. Tonks, along with Remus Lupin, escorted Harry, Hermione, and the Weasley children back to Hogwarts on the Knight Bus to start the new term. After rescuing Harry from the Dursleys, Tonks was extremely busy at the Ministry, and the situation wasn’t helped by Rufus Scrimgeour asking awkward questions, possibly due to her association with Mad-Eye Moody. Still, she found the time to attend the party at Grimmauld Place for Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger to congratulate them on becoming prefects.

Tonks was enthusiastic, bubbly, and easily able to make friends with people she had just met. She was eager and would often want to help Molly Weasley in the preparation of dinner at Grimmauld Place, something that Molly was not eager about. As a Metamorphmagus, Tonks was known magnolia bakery india for using her gift for lighter purposes, such as experimenting with her appearance for entertainment. Despite this, she had difficulty controlling her magical abilities when she was unhappy, such as when her love was rejected by Remus Lupin or when she was very angry.

Love was the reason she left her family and married a Muggle-born wizard. Love was the reason she and her husband felt compelled to become allies of the Order in the Second Wizarding War. And love was the why she raised her daughter’s son, in the tragic years after Tonks and Remus’s deaths. When Neville Longbottom used the magical coins to sound the alarm that the final battle was happening, she was with her mother and her infant son.

She was released in time to meet Harry Potter at the end of the school year and confront his aunt and uncle about their treatment of Harry. One has to undergo numerous tests and Tonks reveals she very nearly failed on ‘stealth and tracking’ in order to get into the profession. Fortunately, however, she was mentored by Alastor Moody – perhaps the very best in the game. Moody is successful at hunting down dark wizards during his time with the Ministry of Magic, carving out a formidable reputation for himself in the process. In which a dark and little bit twisted malfoy sister finds herself staring at a very beautiful blonde witch. Violetta malfoy has never been in love but then she met fleu…

Andromeda was never quite like her other relations, many of whom were pure-blood obsessed, such as her sisters Narcissa and Bellatrix. Famously, anyone who dared betray the Black family’s ideals got burnt out of the family tapestry. In the books, she regularly has short, spiky hair with bright colors, but she regularly has shoulder-length hair in the film.

Ron Weasley and Tonks became good friends in 1995, when they were both staying at the 12 Grimmauld Place, headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. Ron liked Tonks and thought she was a nice girl, but less beautiful than Fleur Delacour. Ron was saddened by her death, and after the war he became a friend of Tonks’s son, Teddy.

She, along with Remus and Bill Weasley, fought the Death Eaters. She was not injured this time as she had been before, but others were not so lucky. When the Hogwarts Express arrived at the start of the term, Harry Potter had snuck into the Slytherin cabin where Draco Malfoy was. Harry Potter was covered in his invisibility cloak, but a bit of his shoe was exposed at one point.

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