Hair dye formulas safe after 1980

Because they are always trendy, many celebrities like to rock them repeatedly. Check out the infographic below to learn which celebrities flaunted the eighties-inspired hairstyles and put them high on the trend chart. Though they originated in the ‘70s, the ‘80s really took punk hairdos to another level. Hardcore punk hairstyles that you see people sporting now emerged in the ‘80s in Britain, all thanks to the UK82 renaissance. Elaborately teased hair that was meant to look drastically different from the prim and proper hairdos of the ‘80s – that’s the definition of punk rock hairstyles in my opinion.

Following a decade of over-plucked, ’80s brows were left untouched — celebrated for their naturally bushy beauty. Break out the purple eyeshadow and hairspray, folks. The finest hairspray used by the finest hairdressers. The standard $2.29 aerosol can of extra-hold Aqua Net, which was introduced in 1953, is now the top-selling toiletry item in drugstore chains throughout the country. Sales for all Aqua Net products have tripled during the past five years.

Colorful, vibrant, and oversized – scrunchies were a big deal in the ‘80s. Most of the time, they were tied around very little hair to create a dramatic contrast. That’s because the point of the hairdo was to focus on the stylish scrunchie.

The trend of imitating natural red hair color was carried to the ‘60s. Women started experimenting with different shades of red, whereas the companies started creating products that allowed people to try different hair colors from their homes. After going wild with coloring their hair in the ‘80s, people started going back to more neutral colors. Light brown hair color was a popular choice to add highlights to your hair. Indian movies also helped popularize the trend of coloring your hair to a lighter shade as several leading actresses were spotted with light brown hair color.

Back of Bottle™ launches in the US and Canada. Here’s your chance to be the first to learn about a new hair care line of innovative high-performance clean beauty. More than a few Allure editors have very distinct, PTSD-style memories of testing their mothers’ Epilady hair removers on their forearms. If you lil uzi picture are unfamiliar, it’s basically a handheld torture device that grasped hairs with a rapidly moving coil and yanked them out, one by one, as you rolled it across your skin. This modern, slightly shaggy style with bangs has recently been worn by the likes of Kerry Washington, Taylor Swift, and Dianna Agron.

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