Get Paid to Write: 21 Fresh Health & Wellness Markets to Pitch

They accept fiction and poetry jobs, however, only in rare cases. You can pitch the editor and contact publisher Joseph Roberts by email. Chicago Parent Magazine is interested in your personal essays and feature stories related to parenting, with a local focus on the Chicagoland area. Make sure to interview local experts, families, and children to keep your story focused on the needs of their readers.

It touches every aspect of our lives, every day… and that means you can find a way to pitch a health or wellness article to nearly ANY publication. In fact, many of the biggest publishers in this industry routinely lament the fact that they just can’t find enough writers for everything they want to promote. So, when writing health copy, you must use fear in a way that your prospect knows you understand her problems. Let her know you feel her worry and pain and want to help. And if you use supplements or alternative health approaches, you already know a lot about this niche … almost enough to get you started writing effective copy. This means you will be the only person to own the material you buy from us, and you will keep all of the rights to it.

Articles on personal growth, transformational travel, the environment, health, and wellness that are 600–1500 words long. Sometimes they consider 1500-word articles too. Relevant photos or graphics with the article are also welcome.

Are you a wellness writer or a health enthusiast with passion for writing? We would be glad to have your article published on our blog. However, we are very selective and careful about the content that is published on our blog.

Your content manager will track and intervene as needed to ensure that the new writer delivers your material as soon as possible, which is our number one priority. This doesn’t happen as frequently as you might assume. Our copywriters are rarely late in delivering their work. They understand that we’re counting on them to complete their task on time because our clients are counting on it too.

This Medium pub offers readers information and opinions on health and wellness, as long as they’re backed by science. Get ideas by checking out past articles on mind and body topics here. Pitch executive editor Sarah Collins on Twitter.


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Share your experiences running a holistic practice and/or the therapies you have learned over the years. Whether you are writing for the patient, other practitioners, or both, we are enthusiastic about posts that can deepen the doctor-patient relationship. For examples, visit our “Practitioner’s Corner” blog. By writing for us, you’ll reach a wider and ever-growing audience.

Our blog management services are the only subscription-based products we provide. These are monthly subscription services that provide a comprehensive content marketing package. They cover topic research, pictures, web page creation, and formatting, as well as SEO, and more. We’ve had a few unusual requests in the past that have prompted us to avoid the use of “any industry” in our marketing materials.

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