Genshin Impact Fishing Spot locations, including which fish can be caught and when they spawn

Finally, you can also pick up a fishing line stabilizer. Once again this island in Inazuma has two fishing spots. There are two fishing spots on the first cluster of islands you’ll encounter in Inazuma. In other situations, you may be able to see a light indicating the fishing spot. This happens whenever an ornamental fish is among the others, which distinguishes itself by how it moves and jumps out of the water.

Apart from this, here is also a YouTube video that can give players a visual representation of the new Genshin Impact Fishing gameplay. You need to stay in the Ideal Tension Zone to catch the fish successfully.During the tutorial, you will learn how to catch a fish. You have to keep yourself in the yellow zone or Ideal Tension Zone until the fishing meter fills up. Getting out of the Ideal Tension zone can result in losing the fish. There are other characters like Thoma that can increase your chances of getting two fish instead of one. The Mondstadt Fishing Association is where you learn to fish.

For example, the Windtangler from the Mondstadt Fishing Association shortens the time in which fish struggle as long as players stay within the Ideal Tension Zone. It is important to note that this effect only takes place when using the rod to fish within Mondstadt. With all the fish available to catch in Genshin Impact, players will have plenty to keep in their Serenitea Pots or processed for cooking resources. One of the new additions coming to Genshin Impact 2.1 is the Genshin Impact Fishing System.

There are three when the update launches plus one basic rod, and we can expect new ones each time Mihoyo adds more regions. To catch Ornamental Fish in Genshin Impact and get your Serenitea Pot pet, you just have to go through the same steps as you would with any regular fish . True, they are a little bit harder to catch, but not significantly so. As far as we can tell, Ornamental Fish spawn at random, and they can be in any fishing spot. The only thing that sets them apart from regular fish is that they jump out of the water every now and then. So, you can basically just keep visiting your favorite fishing spots and check whether any of the fishies is jumping around.

They can be found on the docks in the east of Liyue Harbor . Talk to Jiawei and purchase the Pool of Sapphire Grace Furnishing Blueprint . Find the blueprint in your inventory and press Use glaze medaka genshin impact to learn how to make the pool. Genshin Impact developers have now released a new fishing system with the 2.1 updates. Here is all the information on the internet about the new 2.1 update.

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