From which animal does oxtail, as in oxtail soup, come from?

The supplier needs to pay for all those costs to deliver the oxtail meat to its destinations. The oxtail meat comes from an area that’s difficult to carve. Thanks to its presence in fine dining, many consider oxtail meat a luxury. Since oxtail meat is now served in high-end restaurants as part of the fine dining experience, it now carries with it a reputation for being fancy.

This is supposedly due to the spice level in the dish, but unless I make it myself or have it in the home of another chile-loving person, the spice is mild, while the flavor is great. I love the tomato-ey rich stew that I have eaten since venturing into places like “El Siboney” in Key West years ago. Jamaica’s unique culinary style is a culmination of all the peoples that have inhabited the island, past and present, including the Arawaks, West Africans, Indians, British, and Spanish. Jamaican oxtail in particular is reminiscent of the African one-pot cooking traditions used by the African slaves and maroons on the island as early as the mid-1500s. Island Spice Grill is bringing the classic to New York City’s streets.

The collagen needs that heat for a long period of time to break down and the fat will melt and dissipate throughout the dish. Braised oxtail, oxtail soup, or oxtail stew has a delicious flavor and silky texture from the gelatin that cooks out of the bone and cartilage. The flavor is rich, and the meat becomes succulent and falls off the bone. Beef lovers compare the taste of oxtail to beef shank or rib.

To prepare oxtails, butchers remove the tail of a cow while it is butchered and skin it. The tail is typically cut into segments, making it easier to handle. It is extremely bony and also very muscular, and it requires special care in the kitchen. The best way to use oxtail is as the base for a stew, soup, or beef stock, as it benefits from long gentle braising. Oxtail can also make a soup taste a bit gelatinous, as it releases a great deal of collagen during the cooking process.

Baked oxtails benefit from a lower cooking temperature to avoid a tough texture. If you’re using an oven, it’s best to keep the cooking aux gym meaning temperature between 275 degrees and 350 degrees. The lower your temperature, the longer you’ll want to bake your oxtails.

And it takes minimum three to four hours to cook for the ideal oxtails. The oxtail is a tough and gelatinous cut, which is why it is best to cook it in a liquid base on low heat for several hours. It is also used in preparing stews or braised meat.

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