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In the 1990s he launched India’s 1 st International grade animation and sound recording studios and services. In collaboration with global players such as Autodesk, Arri, and DaVinci he spearheaded the growth of all-inclusive production and post-production facilities for the M&E industry. In the past few years, he has directed his efforts to develop the studio premises with the focus on new services such as Virtual production, Visual engineering, and co Working spaces. Two days prior to the video’s release, West showed the video to Dirk Standen of Vanity Fair over Skype while the video was still in its final editing stages. The video was filmed over a period of three months and went through four different versions prior to the finalized version.

“That should have something to do with quantum mechanics is just really shocking,” he says. One of the first uses of AdS/CFT had to do with understanding black holes. Theoreticians had long been grappling with a paradox thrown up by these enigmatic cosmic objects. In the 1970s Stephen Hawking showed that black holes emit thermal radiation, in the form of particles, because of quantum mechanical effects near the event horizon. In the absence of infalling matter, this “Hawking” radiation would cause a black hole to eventually evaporate.

Working at and with famous is like working with family now. Famous makes it a point to go out of the way for their clients and ensure deliveries as promised and even before time. We regularly work with Siddhesh Nagvekar and Swapnil Patole who are top technicians and make our work that much better. We highly recommend Famous to anyone looking at a studio who wants to get their work done. There is such a low barrier to entry now for making “films” that I wish people would try harder to make good ones.

Besides this, the machines are always updated and work well and the studio is clean. We have been working with Famous Studios since the time we stepped foot in the advertising industry. Like everyone, we started small and at no point did the crew at Famous make us feel like ‘small’ or ‘insignificant’ clients.

The energy of the space and the facilities they offer, whether it’s the Shooting Studios or the post production services has helped us with our work and helped us grow too. We are happy we have this long relationship with the Roongta family. On the same day how to make tabs on tiktok as the video’s release, Kardashian tweeted about National Snake Day, saying “They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days! 🐍”. This tweet was interpreted as being aimed at Swift, and the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsASnake became trending.

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