Fallout 4: A few issues in the Covenant by Muhammad Ameen Sheikh

The stench of rotting flesh hit my nostrils before I even saw the first brahmin laying in the middle of the road. Any warmer and the smell probably would’ve reached all the way to Covenant. Next to a rusted out car was what I assumed to be the caravan’s security guard, wearing some pretty heavy armor. Next to a case of Deezer’s Lemonade that was scattered across the roadway was one of the caravan’s mercenaries, and just past that, another dead brahmin, its guts spilled out, and maggots writhing in its muscles. November 19, 2287 – Had a couple visitors today, in quick succession.

It does not matter in that situation who is literally right about the problem or the solution, it just matters that there’s another human who needs help. Institute doesn’t wipe out settlements for revenge, they have zero, zilch interest on the surface apart from their twisted, selfish experiments — much like the covenant, come to think of it… And what’s to stop institute from wiping out Covenant? A group of synth dropping in and killing all of them? The fact they are still there shows just how little ♥♥♥♥ the Institute gave about them. They are never under any threat from the institute.

Finally the main Vault 0 was basically full of autonomous robots and a super AI connected to several human brains that were the primary resurgence plan. Vault tec literally worked hand in hand with AI and robots in their main Vault that they helped build. You will have to complete the Human Error Quest and kill everyone but Deezer and the house cat or complete the quest via speech challenges if you can do so .

Inspecting Amelia’s body will reveal that the doctor was correct and that she is a synth. Covenant will now be a settlement for players to build at and connect with other Minutemen settlements. The building on the left is Advanced locked from the front and sides, and off-limits. The house contains several beds, as well sidley careers as another odd note, Jacob’s password to the office terminal, and a key to the house on the same nightstand. She answered that there was a 70% chance that Stockton’s daughter was a synth, and that she had dedicated her life to eradicating synths, ever since her family had been destroyed by them when she was a child.

I found covenant and followed along the quests but then decided I hated everyone there and massacred the whole town. It let me build like any other settlement except it didn’t allow me to sleep in the nice, well kept beds. As the Doctor headed toward a computer terminal in the middle of the room, I walked toward the jail cell containing Amelia Stockton. Amelia Stockton fell lifeless to the cold stone floor. As I stood there staring down at her, a sudden wave of anger and disgust washed over me. I felt like I was in that storm in my dream, frozen, confused, trying to comprehend what was happening.

Eventually we arrived at a brick wall that had been broken through. The jagged opening led to another room carved out of rock, with giant red and green steel pipes running through it. Standing at the far end, up a short set of stairs, was a woman in a lab coat.

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