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FinTank – Data Analytics + Business Intelligence seminar series

June 7 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Please join us as we continue our Data Analytics + Business Intelligence (BI) journey at FinTank.


Data Analytics + Business Intelligence, involves the process of collecting, transforming, analyzing, and taking positive action from data analytics and visualization dashboards to help businesses continuously improve their contributions to society.


In April we started our monthly 2018 educational series about Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) for business operations. There was a great in-depth panel discussion about BI, its challenges, and an application for using data to leverage purchasing power in a supplier negotiation.


In May, we are going to deep dive into the key elements of leading and participating in a BI journey. Discuss what is required to succeed in delivering “Meaningful Metrics” from real-time data sources across disparate systems. Examine “Behavioral Analytics” is it Big Brother Watching or a Human Productivity tool.


The networking before (food and beverages included) and after the panel discussion is a good opportunity to meet a variety of people that are interested in learning and sharing about data analytics and business intelligence. We get all levels of BI experienced people attending our meet ups. From the new comer that wants to know: “What is this BI stuff all about?” To the seasoned BI professional sharing and providing challenging and thought provoking questions. And everything in between, which include engineers, data scientists, sales, marketing, consultants, operations, investors, etc.


Our intent is to keep this meet up: welcoming, engaging, thought provoking, expanding your network, and you always walk away with something new that you learned that has life application.


Our current four month BI series:

  • April: What Is BI – Overview and Demo – “Finding a Meaningful Metric”

  • May: How Do You Lead A BI Journey?

  • June: Cyber Security BI Analytics

  • July: Is Fortune500 Data Analytics Applicable & Affordable for the SMB Market?





Our format for the meet up session from 6pm to 8pm is:

6pm to 6:30pm – Networking

6:30pm to 7:30pm – Overview and Panel Discussion

7:30pm to 8pm – Follow on Networking


Our May 3rd panel will include:

Brian Berglund, Founder & CEO of Armarius Software, Inc. Brian has 20 years of IT technology industry experience with technology infrastructure and software development. Brian has a proven track record for delivering custom software solutions for Fortune 500 and SMB size companies. His current software platform at Armarius Software provides companies with answers in terms of: “It’s best to know now what you don’t know.”  

Eric Rodriguez, a Silicon Valley tech professional will be the moderator for these meet ups and panel discussion. Eric’s background is in new product development and commercialization: Semiconductor CapEx equipment, Solar, Industrial Automation, and IT Technology solutions for business operations. Eric brings with him, experience and knowledge from working at Applied Materials, Western Digital, Lam Research, Solyndra, plus other start up environments in SaaS and IT technology applications. He has a passion for Data Analytics and BI and sees a bright future for those that want to jump into this business sector for many years to come.


Sponsors for the event

Steve Kroiss has 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Steve started his tech journey from IT desktop support, to network systems administration, and multiple roles in the IT Managed Services sector. Steve wanted to make a difference in the IT MSP space and decided to start his own company 79 Ratio. Steve has a strong core belief to ensure that the IT services his company provides is done correctly, efficiently, and always caring for his customers. Steve’s current MSP area of focus is supporting Non-Profit companies. 79 Ratio takes care of the IT network infrastructure, so the non-profits can focus on their beneficial causes for the community. Steve’s flagship customer is the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF). Steve has developed a strong technical IT relationship with CAF and continually receives high recommendations from CAF for 79 Ratio’s services throughout the Chicagoland area.


We at FinTank are fortunate to have Steve from 79 Ratio sponsor our Data Analytics event.


FinTank is happy to host Eric Rodriguez, as he connects business intelligence with finance operations. As FinTank focuses on startups in the financial sector, we hope these panel discussions will educate and inspire companies to take the next step towards their BI journey. This year we are looking to educate and connect with a purpose. We will be building a FinTank BI community that has a Pay It Forward mentality. We welcome you to talk to us after the Panel Discussion and explore where you can get involved.

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