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Finally, it is also suitable for paper and film rolls where the larger impact energy of a standard hammer will damage the surface of the material being tested. Independent validation testing by BAM has shown the SilverSchmidt ST/PC to have less dispersion than the classical concrete test hammer over the entire range. The unique design and high quality construction of the concrete test hammer SilverSchmidt ST/PC makes rebound hammer testing quicker and more accurate than ever before. While Nike does well at site personalization, Adidas is better at engaging with customers through buzzy product-launch content. This strength is also reflected in the brand’s stores, which offer personalized vertical retail experiences including product launches, fitness consultations, and product-customization opportunities. By unleashing a digitally-fueled and personalized store of its own, Nike might be able to similarly display its social prowess while also driving buzz via some of Nike Live’s in-store attractions.

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Automatic Motorized Pull-Off Bond Strength Tester Fitted with a high resolution load cell and houses a built-in motorized hydraulic actuator automat.. Microcore Apparatus Microcore method is a proven technique for the non destructive evaluation of concrete. The rebound hammers measure the rebound of an anvil impacting a plunger in contact with the concrete surface. E-commerce is a booming market that has greatly facilitated the lives of consumers by allowing them to order online and have everything or almost delivered directly to their homes.

Whether I am on the run to the grocery store or running down Lake Shore Drive, having Nike gears that will compliment my activities is a must. Through my Nike curation I hope to inspire REBOUND readers to get creative and show love to their favorite brand. Trust is becoming a defining theme for 2021, and effective cyber security implementation can play a vital and fundamental role in further building that trust in a digital world. Successful organizations look to foster client and customer trust in their cyber resilience, in their protection of sensitive data and in the transparency of their approach.

This easy-to-use instrument provides a quick and simple test for obtaining an immediate indication of concrete strength in various parts of a structure. The minimum verifiable strength is 1400 PSI to approximately 9000 PSI . All concrete test hammers measure the surface hardness of the shannon gas digital material they are testing; this is then correlated to concrete compressive strength. Compared to a standard rebound hammer, the Schmidt digital rebound hammer significantly increases productivity by eliminating the time required to record measurements and make rebound calculations.

James Instruments™ digital test hammers are an advanced, completely automated system for estimating concrete compressive strength. Its calculation, memory and recording functions allow for quick, easy and accurate test results. The unit is also used on rock cores, it’s low impact energy not damaging brittle specimens.

Original Schmidt OS8000 Concrete Test Hammermakes concrete strength estimation and uniformity assessment more accurate, repeatable, and efficient. This resiliometer is to test the compressive strength of concrete structures or rock in non-destructive testing field. The rebound value can be converted into a reading on the digital display, and the estimated mean value,standard deviation and concrete strength can be shown. James Instruments digital test hammers are an advanced, completely automated system for estimating concrete compressive strength.

I’ve seen big successes with organizations that have put resources into reskilling their workforces on learning platforms. As business leaders begin the journey from survival to growth, their confidence in customer spending is up and they see increasing revenues as a top priority. Certain sectors are booming, and many hard-hit industries anticipate a rebound. And the survey shows organizations are relying on digital to help enable revenue growth. During the early stages of the pandemic, almost every business faced significant and unprecedented shocks. In many sectors, demand fell off a cliff, supply chain resilience became a major issue and employee and customer safety was a top priority.

Most companies responded by accelerating the deployment of digital — using new platforms to connect with their customers, suppliers and their employees. In some cases, many years’ worth of digital transformation work was done in a matter of months. Focus your digital investments on customers, security and workforce to support revenue growth. Nike is giving digital-meets-physical a go with Nike Live, a new shop that’s stocked based on data retrieved from the NikePlus app. The brand says the shop has “pop-up vibes,” which doesn’t mean that it’s temporary (it’s not), but rather that new items will arrive on a bi-weekly basis rather than seasonally. After being dethroned by Adidas as the sole Genius brand in Gartner L2’s digital ranking, Nike has been hot on the heels of its rival.

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