Dale Brown Self-Defense Guru or Internet Troll?

He prefers to show off his techniques on you rather than to you. Brown is almost like a magician, with the way he can distract with a calm voice during simulated confrontations — “I can Bryant Gumbel people,” he calls it. He’s 53 years old but seems 10 years younger physically, with the energy of a 25-year-old. THERE IS NOTHING that brings more joy to Dale Brown than showing his techniques on people. He catches a lot of flak for demonstrating on often overmatched practice partners who immediately collapse — and that includes a recent visitor from ESPN.

Almost every martial art has had its 15 minutes of Octagon fame, and that has fueled an unprecedented spike in virtually every individual discipline. Self-defense has come along for the ride, often getting lumped in with martial arts instructions, usually taught by the same people. On January 23rd, 2021, YouTuber Cr1TiKaL uploaded a 24-minute training video in which he collaborated with Dale Brown from Detroit Urban Survival Training. The video, in which Cr1TiKaL and two of his friends attempted to attack Brown in various ways, with Dale demonstrating ways of defending against them gained over 1.6 million views in one day .

“I’m not talking about a sport here. This is about saving lives.” “We’ve learned more about what works in fighting in the past 20 years than the previous 20,000 years,” says Marcus Kowal, a former pro-MMA fighter and ex-Swedish special forces officer. When the Lions celebrated schedule release day in May, they had Brown do it. He’s talking to the Tigers about throwing tahiti vs maldives out a first pitch in August. As the man now known as “The Detroit Self-Defense Guy” speaks, it’s obvious that his core message comes from his heart, underneath his infamous black and gray outfit that Space Force ought to consider. Brown wants the whole world — the universe, really — to put just as much serious thought into ax attack survivability as he has.

This feels like the real Dale Brown, the commander and the neighborhood security guy and the dad and the goofball, all rolled up under the same uniform. He waves one more time before he turns back toward the front door, just some dude in Detroit, and the cars whiz by almost drowning out his last words. Brown demonstrates a wrist lock on Detroit Fire Department chief James Harris. Brown and Harris filmed a short video for the fire department’s social media channels.Sarah Rice for ESPNBrown gets animated about this topic.

Dale Brown is a licensed private investigator, Army veteran airborne paratrooper, and self-certified self-defense expert. He created the Detroit Threat Management Center and D.U.S.T in 1994. Brown stated on Fox 2 News Detroit that his system centered around a non-violent approach. “We do that through a system we call technical psychology.” Brown said. Financial mismanagement has made the city’s problems worse. Public services are near collapse because of repeated budget cuts.

In it, Brown demonstrates what to do if being carjacked, sitting in the front seat of a car with a fake gun pointed at his head, disarming it accordingly. Over the course of five months, the video received roughly 2.2 million views. On May 7th, 2021, Detroit Urban Survival Training received increased attention for an Instagram video posted on May 7th, 2021.

One is of a guy who appears to be under the influence, trying to get into a gated community that D.U.S.T. serves. He spits in Brown’s face, and Brown somehow maintains his composure. Eventually, they spot the guy breaking into houses, and Brown calls the police while continuously talking calmly to the belligerent guy. He’s adamant about how he sees his role in security, which is safety, not arrests or violence. He often will discover intoxicated people trespassing in some of the neighborhoods, and he offers them a ride home before any kind of muscle.

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