Building Chicago to be the Blockchain Capital of the World by Incentivizing Collaboration

Join the Chicago blockchain community today to receive the benefits of being a Builder. Start by joining our meetup community to meet people irl, sign up for our weekly newsletter, and check in on the Chitown Crypto chatroom on Telegram.


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Meet People in Person

Our community begins with our meetup. We host meetup events at our home at 1871 and all over the city. Get started by attending an Introduction to Blockchain session. Then move on to one of our workshops focused on developers, miners, social good and more. Reach out to us if you have a venue and people who want to learn.


Chicago’s Crypto Chatroom

Chitown Crypto is the Chicago Telegram chat room. We have moderators that keep the spam out and good material readily available. Join today and introduce yourself to our friendly community. Meet people here before you venture to meet us in person.


Individuals inspired to #BUIDL a better future. You do not need to be a blockchain expert or a master programmer. Our organization is open to anyone in Chicago. In our future, individuals will contribute and show the world their value rather than being told what they are worth.


Projects are what happens when builders come together to solve a problem. The difference between a project and a company is their goal. The goal of the project is to solve a problem. The goal of the company is the existence of the company. Our interest lies in solving problems.


Resources are what builders use to create a project. Resources include space, funding, and connections. Our role in the community is to curate these connections to allow builders their best chance at success. The success of the projects is our number one goal in growing the community.

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