But these are some of the most exciting manhwa series of the past few years, and they represent a great place to start reading manhwa online. Now that we know what manhwa/webtoons are and where to read webtoons online, we need to get you a stack of the top manhwa to read online right now, so that you can get stuck into the world of Korean manhwa asap. We at Books and Bao have been long-time manga readers and anime watchers, but the rise of manhwa webtoons has been impossible to ignore and extremely exciting. “Wattpad WEBTOON Studios have been tremendous partners on Boot Camp. Their track record in this genre is more than impressive and we are thrilled to bring this important story to life. Millions have read and loved the story that inspired the film and we know that they—and many more—will fall in love with these characters,” says Lindsay Macadam, Executive Vice President of GPM.

By day, he goes about his time pretending to be a mild-mannered mortician. By night, he dismembers and processes corpses for sale on the black market. When a trio of bumbling would-be thieves discover Roman’s side-gig, they stage a death to get into his business with the aim of blackmailing him into helping with their half-baked scheme. Worse yet, Roman finds himself abruptly unemployed the same day his secret is discovered. “Our soap opera will bring solace to those who are going through tough times,” broadcaster MBC said. “We want to deliver a message of hope to people through this drama, which will be different in some ways from the original webtoon by Rama.”

The crime elements are worthy of comparison to beloved heist and gangster films and the slower pacing lends to the grungy cinematic styling. Coffin Jackson is a clever and enjoyable thriller that will make your stomach turn and your side hurt from laughing. The Noblesse manhwa ran for twelve years from ‘07 to ‘19 and is easily one of the top manhwa online right now. Although he appears to be kind to everyone around him, he is quite manipulative with a penchant for destroying those who irritate him, often by using others.

You may have already heard of the Tower of God manhwa thanks to it having been adapted into a Crunchyroll Original anime in 2020. Whether you choose to read the Webtoon (which is gorgeously drawn by Choi Gyu-Seok) or watch the Netflix adaptation, you’re going to have a fun ride with this thriller; one of the top manhwa around right now. Not noom philosophy only that, but Yeon Sang-Ho is also the director of The Hellbound‘s Netflix adaptation; much like how the Akira manga and movie were both written, drawn, and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. All of the series mentioned on this list, however, were created by Korean writers and artists and published on Webtoon (or Lezhin — more on that below).

There is a popular site for reading webtoons online which isn’t free, however, and it is worth mentioning. Lezhin is a site that offers premium manhwa, with a pretty big emphasis on mature manhwa . What gives manhwa webtoons an exciting edge over Western comics and Japanese manga is just how accessible they are. Because of their digital nature, reading manhwa is easy and convenient. It was sold to China for $125,000 per episode, becoming the most expensive cable series.

Actors including Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo and Cho Yi-hyun will be featured in the upcoming series, but its premiere date has been kept under wraps. All the manhwa webtoons mentioned on this list so far have been freely accessible via Webtoon. The Painter of the Night manhwa, however, is a BL (boys’ love) manhwa series available on Lezhin, and categorised as a mature manhwa. With just how popular esports, online gaming, and PC rooms are in South Korea, it’s no surprise that one of top manhwa online is a series called The Gamer.

In other K-drama news, Disney+ has dropped a new trailer for its upcoming fantasy-romance Korean drama seriesKiss Sixth Sense.The series premieres on May 19, exclusively on Disney+. Mackenzie Munro (“Salvation”) directs, with a script penned by Gemma Holdway (“Cardinal,” “The Murders”). Aron Levitz, David Madden and Lindsey Weems Ramey are set to executive produce for Wattpad Webtoon Studios. ​Dive into WEBTOON™ ORIGINALS, award-winning comics which update weekly. Discover new voices on CANVAS, where creators self-publish their series to a vibrant, diverse audience.

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