Center Console Pistol Holders

In Missouri – it’s really rare that I go somewhere where I can’t carry. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. Check out our onlineBeginner Handgun Course that teaches all the important stuff you need to know. You guys need to look at Aztec soft with retention and pocketable and Sticky’s new soft holsters. Since the gun is right in front of you and you’ll have to move your leg over it to get out, you aren’t likely to forget your gun in the car.

Theres another one that mounts inside the center console. If you intend to attach this holster system to your seat rail, and you are right handed, you’ll want the ball mount placed on the left side. This way, your grip is facing your right hand and the sight channel is facing your driver side door.

You need to make sure you can draw your gun quickly and easily if you need it. Other options are out there if you want to try them. Some manufacturers make holsters where you can take the holster off one mount and use it on another. Alien Gear Holsters and BlackHawk Holsters are two that come to mind. You also want to make sure it’s not too tight that you can’t quickly access your weapon if needed.

This holster features a Neoprene covered wedge that slips in between the seat and center console, most commonly placed on the passenger side. The wedge system also comes with an inflatable air bladder, which inflates similar to a blood pressure cuff to fill negative space and prevent movement. You’re getting into your car to go somewhere, your ccw secured at your hip. You get in the driver’s side, right arm reaching across your left shoulder to grab the seat belt.

You simply open the lid of your console, place the holster over the side, and shut the lid! This feature also allows you to remove and stow the Console Holster when not in use. Yes, it is legal to carry a firearm in a car even if you do not possess a concealed weapons license.

This will be a waste of time and money, especially when you consider there are lots of designs out there on the market. Always ensure that the design you choose is compatible with a variety of vehicle models to allow switching cars whenever a need arises. But there is a catch; steel gun holsters are easily exposed.

They’re just get-off-me guns but from home to there and back, that’s all I’ll need. Right now I’m in the market for a steel rifle vault for the back that I can secure an AR or similar in. If anybody knows of one that doesn’t cost an arm and leg let me know. I repurposed a nylon holster with a velcro retention strap for my car. It has a vertical “belt loop” feature which allowed me to mount by wrapping a belt strap through the interior trim. I strapped it tightly right under the steering wheel, between my knees.

Can be installed in your truck or car, home doorway, office desk or under any table. With our unique construction and innovative design, the Primed Tactical Magnetic Gun Holder can firmly hold any hand gun. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. With an uncased smooth sided AR (no light / wide optic), the seats will lock down. The seats won’t lock down otherwise but it still works just fine.

While the mounting position may hinder the grip slightly, this will make mounting to the center console easier. But when compared with less rigid car holsters sportcraft turbo hockey table the Jotto has some drawbacks. First, it’s bulky compared to other options, and at about 3” wide it can take up a considerable amount of space.

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