Buzz Cut Ideas: Expert Styling Tips And 14 Must-Try Looks Hair com By L’Oréal

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about that cut in case you’re considering this utilitarian yet trendy style. Don’t worry, we’re not planning to take you through absolutely every buzz cut length on the market—just the noticeably different ones. If a number 1 cut is all about the illusion of bare scalp, the number 2 leaves a slight halo of hair behind. Your barber will leave one-quarter inch of length on your scalp.

One of the trendier versions is the blunt bob, and it’s easy to see why. This look is both edgy yet sophisticated and easily customisable. It’s the perfect butch hairstyle for you professional ladies out there, as well as those who like a clean-cut & classy look. For example, you could get a fade on the sides to give your buzz cut an edge.

A small curly pixie with a shaved side and additional height won’t disappoint. The nape in shaven geometric design reveals an exciting detail that surprises people as they walk by. Whether straight request grow it back reviews you have wavy hair or curly locks, this style truly pops. Many people with curly hair are afraid to wear bangs. But no matter your hair’s natural texture, curly bangs can look chic.

This short curly hairstyle is by definition asymmetrical and has an undercut which gives more of a rock chic vibe. It is a graduated bob with S-shaped curls which are much defined. Do you know how your hair looks when you get out of the shower? This hairstyle happens to have the same effect and gives a soft relaxed look. Add some vintage vibes to your look with this stunning short curly hair style. It might remind you a bit of the Marilyn Monroe curls and rightly so as it is a modern version of that old Hollywood glam.

Jordan Alexander, star of the Gossip Girl reboot, keeps her hair cropped extremely short. It’s so short, that her makeup artist can blend her blush further into her hairline, as you see here. Just another great example of how a buzz cut can add to your makeup options. This way, your hair won’t get caught in the clippers. Frizzy hair is made manageable with an ethereal short curly updo. Use carefully placed hairpins to pull back sections of your hair in the back and leave a few curls loose around your temples.

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