Butterfly Locs: What They Are And How To Get This Style

Find out which natural hairstyle best suits your hair and which Carol’s Daughter products to use to achieve it. The next step is to wrap the extension around your natural hair with the lengthy part of the extensions. Simply take two pieces of water waves locs extensions and separate into two. First, you can start by soaking your locs extension in an Apple Cider or Vinegar rinse. This will prevent any form of itchiness on your scalp and hair, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Watch this tutorial by Kathryn Bedell to see how she installs her butterfly locs.

Heart and oval face shapes really benefit from the midi ponytail height, where the ponytail is placed right at or just below the crown. This won’t add height or volume on top, which helps keep your face shape balanced and still enables you to show off your butterfly loc texture. If you have long hair, we recommend creating more small braids to keep your locs from becoming too heavy.

The pros even shared seven chic ways to wear butterfly locs for any aesthetic. Make sure you moisturize because your hair can quickly become dry in protective styles. While they don’t look precisely like butterflies, butterfly locs are a gorgeous variation of faux locs. When you do everything right, butterfly locs cause no harm to your hair. Yet, if the loc weighs too much, it drags your natural hair down, thus putting strain on it. To avoid this issue, entrust this task to a professional.

They are not likely to tangle but can become messy over time. The triangle parting selected for this hairdo adds whimsical star-like patterns to the look. Amazed by the color and the size, you can miss the texture that becomes messier on the bottom. To maintain your new growth, you should never rush the take-down process. Light weight, smooth, tight soft hair, clean end, compact, healthy and bouncy, lasting for long time. Multiple color options-1#,2#1B#,27#,30#,BUG#,613#,T27#,T30#,TBUG#,Purple#,Pink# colors are available now, If you need to customize hair, you can also contact us.

Many are allergic to the formula, which can cause small bumps on the scalp, extreme itchiness, and tenderness. Soaking the extensions in something acidic prior to installation, like apple cider vinegar, can help strip the hair of alkaline lye. Space buns are another hairstyle to experiment with when you’re rocking textured butterfly locs. Wrapping the locs into twin buns placed high up keeps the curly, casual texture front and center with the added bonus of containing and securing your hair.

Braid it into your hair until you get the length you want. This hair can also be used to add thickness to the base braid. If you how to get loose curls for guys want the butterfly locs to be longer than your own hair, you will need filler hair to make up for the difference in length.

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