Bora Bora vs Fiji: An Honest Comparison In 2022 To Help You Decide!

The only public, and arguably most beautiful, beach on Bora Bora is called Matira Beach, but as such, it can get crowded, so make sure to arrive early to reserve your spot. Many of the great resorts of Bora Bora sit on their own motu and offer shuttle services to the main island. There are also water taxis and boat excursions to explore wherever you desire. Fiji is an island nation comprised of more than 300 islands and islets. It is located approximately 1,300 miles northeast of New Zealand.

This would lessen the cost but would add 7 more hours to your travel time. The easiest flights going from Bora Bora to Fiji go to at least 3 stops, so it takes about 25 hours or more. However, the distance of 1999 miles can be traveled in 5 hours with an average speed of 500 mph . Yet, stops are necessary to either serve more passengers or refuel for long journeys. You would first have to fly to Tahiti, which would then go to Auckland before finally going to Fiji. You can choose to fly on commercial planes or charter a private vehicle.

When planning for vacation there are so many things that you usually have to consider from the budget, location, and what you expect from the trip. For many people going to the ranks of the pacific island is one of the must-do activities. When choosing a location, you should consider all the factors that include amenities, things to do, and cost among other aspects. If you are going to visit the south pacific islands, then Fiji and Tahiti should be ranking higher on your list. These islands enjoy some of the best features such as a tranquil environment, blue waters, and white sandy beaches. They also feature a tropical climate hence there are rainforests all of which add to the unique fauna and flora that you can find in this destination.

In Tahiti, you can check out the heritage through music, tattoos, handicrafts, and dance. While Fiji does not lack gorgeous places you can visit, Bora Bora has a more intimate vibe ideal for romantic dates. The Bora Bora experience is also centered around luxury and adventure which are perfect activities for a honeymoon. Bora Bora is more geared towards tourists with numerous luxurious options, so it is a lot more expensive than Fiji.

Bora Bora, by contrast, is just one island surrounded by many sand-fringed islets, called motus, and a coral reef–protected lagoon. It is located just northwest of Tahiti and is part of French Polynesia. The distance between these two islands is 2,000 miles, so there is a lot spain naked beach of ocean between them. Remember since they are villas and not traditional rooms, you can’t just book a second connecting room if one villa isn’t large enough for your crew. In both the Maldives and Bora Bora, many of the resorts have family pools and kids clubs on-site.

Revel in the turquoise blue waters visible from the glass panels placed throughout and enjoy spacious terraces with gazebos, whirlpools or plunge pools. On the other hand, luxurious overwater bungalows are also available, like the Marriott Resort overlooking Momi Bay. The Maldives islands are also popular for snorkeling and diving due to the warm water, high visibility and diverse marine life, including whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays. Watersports are really popular in the Maldives, and your resort is likely to offer you everything from paddleboarding to surfing to jetskiing and kayaking. If mixing in some land activities interest you and your fiance, Bora Bora is your best bet – with things like hiking, ATV’ing and horseback riding to keep you busy on land. The tallest point on the island is the breathtaking Mount Otemanu at Bora Bora’s center, perfect for those looking to explore beyond the sandy beaches.

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