Blue Flame Ultimate Pitching Machine

Most girls who try fastpitch love it and continue playing year after year. All of our Iron Mike Pitching Machines are arm-style, which means with each pitch you can see the unit’s arm wind up and throw the ball. This offers the player precisely the same experience of timing realized by seeing the pitcher’s arm and launch of the ball. This is the realistic nature of the Iron Mike that allows you to practice the same essentials during practice as you see on the field in an actual game. Our model MP-5 Iron Mike Rack-Fed softball pitching machine has a 28 softball capacity and can be easily converted between softball and baseball.

Our pitching machine is an amazing tool to help a baseball or softball coach working with the team’s strengths and weaknesses. The coach will be able to help build the players strengths and cover their weaknesses with the help of a BATA combo pitching machine. A softball pitching machine is one of the best training aids you can buy. Practice hitting fast pitch or slow pitch softballs and work on your fielding skills, too, with our impressive lineup of softball pitching machines. Girls do not need to have experience playing softball and we encourage anyone to give fastpitch a try.

It can be easily converted between softball and baseball. Most of the pitching machines sold on this website can be used with a ball feeder made specifically for it. The exceptions to that are the Louisville Slugger pitching machines and the First Pitch Relief Pitcher, which DO NOT have ball feeders made for them.

Are you looking for an introductory-level pitching machine that can throw both baseballs and softballs? If so, the JUGS PS50 Pitching Machine is a great option to consider. This pitching machine can throw up to 50 mph, making it perfect for baseball or fastpitch softball. It also features a new digital readout display, so you can always be sure you’re throwing perfect strikes.

It throws ultra lite softball about 60 mph and an ultra lite baseball near 70 mph. It can also throw a consistent 10 to 12 foot arch softball slow pitch. Pitching machine balls are built to handle the pressure exerted on them by softball pitching machines and last practically forever! No matter which brand of pitching machine ball you choose, they will last far longer and pitch more accurately than a real softball will.

By practicing with a machine, you can better learn how to hit different types of pitches and become a more well-rounded hitter. A pitching machine has several benefits over a live arm, be that a coach, parent, friend or teammate. The most important advantage is that the pitching machine never how to throw 2 seam fastball gets tired. It will throw the pitch you need to work on, time and time again, as many times as you desire. Furthermore, a BATA pitching machine can deliver strikes consistently, maximizing the batters time at practice rather then waiting for and ignoring wild and inaccurate pitches.

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