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As the clock strikes midnight he gives her a friendly hug to wish her a happy birthday. The father who had to pick up something at Udaipur arrives just then and imagining the worst, he hits Imad. The others chintakindi mallesham pull him away and the journey continues to Ajmer. The lead protagonist Kirti Kulhari is living with her Friends and love to live life with her own terms and always angry with Society rituals .

Acting is below average barring Nivedita and her husband serves the saving part.

Kirti Kulhari does well playing yet another strong-headed female character championing women’s rights, but it also feels a bit forced. Actor Rajan Modi is believable as a paranoid middle-class father of a young girl, whose actions are governed by years of problematic patriarchy that seem so normal to him. But it’s Nivedita Bhattacharya as the reasonable and wise Kamla, who shines in this otherwise unyielding saga of social dichotomy. Bollywood actor Kirti Kulhari is back with another social drama after her critically acclimated movie Pink.

Cinematography by Sushil Rajpal is appropriate for the film. Editing by Aarti Bajaj is fine but could have been better. Maybe she could have cut out some of the cringe parts of the film . The production design and the costume design are decent enough. Would recommend you to watch it atleast once with the women clan of your family and friends. Arshi’s mom has been conditioned the entire life that she needs a man to survive in this big bad world.But the reality is otherwise.

Arshi and her parents are bound to travel from Mumbai to Ajmer for her cousin Cholu’s wedding but they miss their flight. Arshi who was unwilling to travel to the wedding had earlier gone into hiding at her friend’s place, but she returns after her mother pleads with her on the phone to do so. Cholu tells Arshi’s father Papaji that his friend’s music troupe is travelling on their bus to Ajmer to perform at his wedding and that he has arranged their travel with them.

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