Best Wiffle Ball Strike Zone For Hitting Home Runs

With its affordable price, I believe it is a great value for any player looking to improve their game. Thanks again for your time and consideration. Since the present invention is made from lightweight synthetic fabric materials and a thin flexible metal coil 5, it is lightweight and simple to transport. The ability to fabricate the structures of this invention from light weight materials make this invention very portable, as its lightweight nature is beneficial for transport to parks, recreational areas, etc. To assemble the WiffleNet, a user must only unfurl the device so that the collapsible and coilable frame member 5 fully expands into its elliptical shape and attach the support connector rods 8 and connectors 9. In a preferred embodiment, the frame member 5 is one component of flexible coilable steel stock wire that forms one continuous semi-elliptical and part-straight structure.

The BALL – The official Wiffle Ball shall be the official ball. This invention uses a collapsible and coilable frame member to support the backstop with the strikezone embedded within it. If a bat is thrown in a fit of anger, a warning is to be issued by the umpire to the team, not the individual player. If a bat is thrown a second in a game, the offending player will be immediately suspended for the remainder of that game PLUS the team’s next game. B. Throwing of Bats – Players are asked to refrain from throwing bats for both the safety of other players as well as avoiding damage to league property.

After hearing all about the amazing features of the Wiffle ball strike zone, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on one. Thankfully, they are available for purchase on our website. Simply add the liberal arts university in tulsa item to your cart and checkout using your preferred payment method. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. The objective of the game is to score runs by hitting the ball and running around the bases.

Additionally, the portable and collapsible nature of this invention offers easy set-up for use and disassembly for storage with its coilable steel-wire frame. The collapsible and portable strikezone and backstop is designed exclusively for use with WIFFLE® and other plastic-baseball balls. Batters stand a short distance in front of the present invention, facing the pitcher, and bat pitches thrown at the backstop. This invention may also be used without a batter, such as for purposes of practicing pitching WIFFLE® and other plastic-baseball balls. This invention, entitled “Collapsible and Portable Strikezone & Backstop for WIFFLE® Ball Games,” is a lightweight, portable strikezone and backstop for use in WIFFLE ball games.

In fact, hitting a wiffle ball might be the best. When you hit a wiffle ball, it will over exaggerate a bad swing. If the wiffle ball is hit just right, then it will fly with no rotation. A spinning wiffle ball means you didn’t quite hit it square. The distance from home plate to the outfield fence shall be 100 feet along the foul lines. The length of the outfield fence from foul line to foul line shall also be 100 feet.

It will make your strike zone virtually indestructible. That being said, I simply used a rubber mallet to make sure all of my pieces were completely connected, and that seemed to make it strong enough. Because we’re using the Tee joints to connect to the base, I had to break the bottom up into three separate pieces, that’s why you see those cuts in the list.

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