Best Rib Tattoo Ideas for Women 2022 Updated

What this means if you opt for one of these designs is that you will need to choose a meaning that is important to you. Some ribs tattoo designs are perfect for highlighting a woman’s curves. If you’re thinking about getting a side rib tattoo, there are several things that you should consider before getting one done.

A butterfly tattoo can also mean freedom and beauty. Some women go for a butterfly tattoo for its deeper meaning whereas others simply love the aesthetic. Regardless of the motivation in your case, you can never go wrong with a butterfly. Black and grey or multicolor tattoo, the choice is yours. Butterflies look equally delicate and mesmerizing either way.

You can take inspiration from this and just choose a similar flower design instead of the outer patterns. Show how fierce and strong you are with a lioness tattoo! Both male and butterfly rib tattoos female lions are symbols courage and pride so it is no surprise that they have inspired many tattoo designs. It is a beautiful piece of art that would look amazing on anyone.

It can symbolize constancy, permanence, and motionlessness, and at its peak, it signifies absolute consciousness. This interesting cloud design is sure to win you many compliments. Always opt for a reputed and hygienic tattoo parlor if you want to get inked. A realistic lion tattoo will remind you of your inner strength.

A simple heart may be a small design, but its importance is huge. A small tattoo that’s tucked away tends to mean something very personal and intimate. If you’d rather keep your side design simple, try using two vastly different line sizes to add dimension to an otherwise basic image. Here, the outlines are done in a thick line, while the detailing is done very finely. Rather than trying to fit your design into the confines of specific lines on your body, try an image that has a lot of movement in multiple directions.

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