Bed Hairstyles: 10 Cute Nighttime Hairstyles To Sleep In

Start brushing along the ends of your hair, working in small, gentle movements. To prevent breakage, slowly work your way up to the top of your hair. If you usually shower before bed, dry off your wet hair with a microfiber towel or old T-shirt instead. To make this hairstyle, you only need to pull your hair to the base of your head, divide it into two, twist each section to the back, and then twist both sections together. If you belong to the curly hair category, then this hairstyle is a favorite option.

Our website will calculate your fortnightly payments just below the ‘add to cart’ button. If it’s your first time using AfterPay, the first instalment will be automatically charged to the card you provide at checkout. Then grab one section of hair and twist, then repeat with the other section. Blend cocoa butter and biotin to deeply moisturize and strengthen fragile or breakage-prone hair.

You can also apply hair serums and oils that are mixed with other botanical ingredients, for hair growth or protection. Most hair rollers require damp or dry hair, which will dry completely overnight. The biggest downside to this hairstyle to sleep in, is that it can be very uncomfortable. Let me know if you try any of these hairstyles or if you already use them! Our silk pillowcases are restocking very soon so keep an eye on our Instagram for updates.

Many naturals know the benefits of protective styles, such as braids and twists, for daytime looks. This guide focuses on the best protective hairstyles to sleep in so you wake up with confidence. The pineapple-style updo is a great way to enhance your curls and coils overnight. We’re sure many of you in the curly hair community already sleep in this style. For those that don’t, we’ll quickly go over what the style is and how to create it. The pineapple style pulls all your curls to the top of your head to keep them protected and tangle-free while you sleep.

You’ve probably heard all about the powers of wearing a protective style. People withlong hair swear by them, promising they’ll give you does magic sleek ruin your hair longer, stronger hair. Wearing a bonnet to bed is an excellent way to provide a physical barrier of protection for your hair at bedtime.

If your schedule allows, try to wash your hair at an hour when it has plenty of time to air dry before you head to bed. Don’t forget to end your showers with a blast of colder water to help seal moisture into your hair. You may also want to blow dry your hair completely right before bed and use one of the styling suggestions below to keep your blowout fresh and your mane tangle-free.

After a long day at work or a night out, do the pineapple. “Just pull on your hair all on top of your head and tie a scarf around it,” says DuBois. “Anything is better than just turning your hair back and forth on your pillow with your hair loose.” In as soon as five seconds, you’ll have protected your hair.

With her love and passion for writing, she started her journey in the digital platform with in 2018. With her immense knowledge on hairstyles, she has written over 250 Hairstyles articles for the modern world. In her spare time, she uses to connect with her audience on Pinterest. Protecting your hair while sleeping minimizes breakage and hair fall significantly. Sleeping by itself is not known as a cause for hair fall – although lack of sleep leads to stress that results in hair loss. It is normal for humans to lose about 20 strands during sleep.

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