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The great thing is that you are involved to help take your baseball players skills to the next level! That is very important and your son’s love for the game will only deepen the more he sees you involved with his progress. The easier it is to put the baseballs on the batting tee to get in maximum reps is valuable not to mention a time saver.

As mentioned above, it serves a dual-purpose and can be used for both hitting and pitching for baseball and softball. And it’s designed to last, featuring 7-ply knotless netting with a thick, sturdy frame for added durability and stability when practicing. It unfolds and folds in seconds and fits into the carrying case for easy mini baseball pitching machine transport. My son has used this for both pitching and hitting during his private coaching lessons. It is designed to use his lower half properly, aka core and legs, to throw or hit the ball for power. This is valuable for pitching to not only increase pitch speed but will not exhaust his arm especially during a long game.

The following baseball hitting aids are my top picks to become a fantastic hitter. We all know that finding great equipment can really make a huge difference when it comes to your practices. The MacGregor is a lightweight and comfortable training glove that helps players learn fielding techniques with less fatigue.

The tee is also very adjustable allowing for various ball locations and angles of the tee. You would still need a bucket of balls and a net though. The price tag of the Ultra-Instructoswing is around $180. We have used the SwingRail and have had success with it. We did have a seam tear on ours indicating there could be an issue with durability. The company quickly shipped out replacement parts free of charge, though it didn’t quite go back together the same way and makes it slightly more cumbersome to use now.

The reason that these are important is similar to the option above. It allows you to get multiple hitting reps over and over again without having to chase a ball down. When thinking about how serious you’re going to be about practicing, consider how much money you’re looking to spend on a trainer.

The GoSports hitting and pitching net sets up just 90 seconds. The 7’ x 7’ net folds down into a convenient carrying bag. This training aid can be set up virtually anywhere, making batting practice on-the-go a breeze. Unlike other pitching and hitting practice nets, this one has a bonus strike zone aid, so it doubles as a pitching training aid.

Bat grip and perfect contact with the ball become second nature with the Insider Bat. The BT1 Bunt Training Bat from Old Hickory is used specifically to teach proper bunting technique. Because of the small “sweet spot”, the BT1 is ideal for teaching players of all ages how to deaden the ball when bunting. The Hands Back Hitter Pro- Model is built with a heavy duty adjustable frame. It throws up ALL BALLS plastic and real for baseball and softball. The StayBack Tee Hitting Trainer teaches the hardest and most misunderstood part of baseball; the stride.

SKLZ swing trainers, ideal for both softball and baseball, teach players the batting techniques they need to control and fine tune each and every swing. Power bags are firmly anchored bags made of plastic and foam that batters use to focus on swing speed and power. Hitting a baseball is said to be one of the hardest feats in sports.

Swing trainers are expertly engineered to highlight the flaws of a batter’s swinging motion. Unless you have enough money to build or install your own personal batting cage in your basement or backyard, you should lean toward buying a swing trainer. In fact, some of those who have access to batting cages also use swing trainers as they are portable and provide specific feedback to improve contact and power. Start swinging with this trainer and you will find it boosts your bat speed and also enhances your contact.

Overall, it ensures you’re practicing proper baseball swing mechanics while strengthening other areas of your swing. Each component of the swing is just as important as the next. The Line Drive Pro Hitting Target used with the Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer can really be the catalyst to a fine-tuned, well-balanced swing at an early age.

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