ATEC R2 Baseball Training Machine

The innovative design of the ATEC Power Streak Pitching Machine allows for quick and easy adjustments from pitch to pitch in either baseball or softball. The ground breaking C-Arm design allows for easy height adjustment while the strategically designed legs convert the machine from baseball to softball, maintaining a realistic release point. Our customers really like the Heater BaseHit and the Heater Real Baseball pitching machines as they both are budget friendly, consistent and portable. Our customers also love the First Pitch XL and the Baseline for their backyard cage setups. Our best backyard pitching pitching machines are from brands like Heater Sports and First Pitch pitching machines. These two brands create awesome pitching machines for home use, while keeping quality and budget top of mind.

Overall, we thing the Junior Hack Attack pitching machine is the best pitching for catchers of that age range. Although, for adult players you might want something even more powerful, like the Jugs BP3 machine. Easily the best pitching machine on the market, the Hack Attack 3 wheel pitching machine has everything you need to take your hitting skills to the next level.

Helping you or your kid improve their hitting skills and get to the next level is our top priority, and with these top 3 best pitching machines for baseball, it’s never been easier. Atec’s Hi.Per X-Axt Dimple Baseballs are designed like typical batting cage balls seen at many batting cages. These balls, however, are designed from proprietary anti-sting material, allowing your players to work through the bad hits in the cage and not have their hands constantly feeling the sting. Another key to these dimple balls is that they are safe for all performance bats and are the regulation weight and size of a baseball. There is nothing worse than coming home from a batting cage with a banged up, dented baseball bat.

The new ATEC M3X 3-Wheel Pitching Machine is the first all-in-one crossover pitching machine of its kind. Designed as a smaller, more portable version of the M3 machine, the M3X contains all the same functionality as the M3, while combining the same features of the defensive R-Series machines by ATEC. Likewise, the ability to easily change the velocity and type of pitch thrown one after another is a very attractive feature, to simulate real game play. The maximum speed of 105 will be attractive to players and coaches at the highest levels of baseball play.

Practice all kinds of fielding drills; Deep fly balls, slicing line drives, catcher’s pop-ups with reverse spin, & grounders. Atec’s line of pitching devices are carried by many of the larger retailers across the United States. You can order them directly from Atec’s website, but may find a little better prices if you hunt around some of the resellers. If you keep watch on eBay, there will be machines that are used and definitely available at a large price reduction. Many of the parts are replaceable on the Atec device, so you might be able to get a deal on a partially functioning device and order the parts for repair directly from the Atec site. Capable of fungo drills; grounders, fly balls, line drives, catcher’s pop ups and more.

Everyone who plays ball knows the classic blue pitching machines and the name Jugs. There’s a reason we’ve all seen these pitching machines before – because they’re the best. The BP1 can pitch baseballs at variable speeds of 15-70, consistently and precisely. It also features a 2 seamer pitch 360 swivel head design, allowing you to aim the machine up or down for grounders, pop ups or line drive drills. The R2, formerly the Rookie, is built for collegiate level defensive training. It is designed to be a more compact and portable version of the professional level R3.

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