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Parking garages are another great spot to park and sleep overnight. You may have to pay a small fee for parking, but it’s worth it to have a place to park where you blend in with other cars and, in some cases, there is security patrolling. What are the risks of sleeping in a car in a hotel parking lot? This classic, southern general store usually doesn’t mind allowing overnight parking around the back of the building.

Camping stoves are not the same as backpacking stoves because they do not attempt to consolidate and save space. The Coleman Signature Grill Stove works with propane and allows you to grill on one side and boil water on the other. If you want a burlier lantern that provides more light, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 4 is worth a look.

Costco does not permit overnight parking in some locations, and some cities do not permit it at all. Also, ensure that it is legal to use the particular city street parking you are about to rest for the night, as not all states allow sleeping in the car at a city street parking. In some places, rest stops could be a safe place to stay overnight, but in other areas it’s not allowed. Make sure you’re very clear on the rules before you get to the state.

Don’t leave your windows open more than a bit to keep thieves out. Don’t sleep with the car running or the climate controls on. It could also force you to breathe emissions while you sleep. Make sure to not have any visible light showing in your vehicle during the night because this might cause someone to come over and investigate.

Many municipalities have laws against parking overnight. This includes sleeping in your car, but there are dozens of places that do allow you to do just that. Granted, most of these locations are for overnight stopovers only, not camping long-term in your vehicle. But if you’re stopping in a city, first look for a safe neighborhood. Having said this, we have stayed at some grocery store parking lots for nights on end with no trouble at all. Casino’s are another great place to spend the night when it comes to feeling secure.

I have been taking on and off road trips for over thirty years and the majority of the time I sleep in Interstate Rest Areas. This practice is not recommended on this forum for a number of good reasons. Although I can now afford to stay in motels/hotels, I still use rest areas because it is convenient and it is a tradition I don’t want to give up. If car camping, you don’t have to erect a tent of cook by campfire; just treat the campground space as a parking space. One of the benefits about campgrounds is the number of great people you will meet. I am not totally anti social but I will not generally start a conversation.

I’ve slept in the passenger seat of a two seater Mercedes convertible and I lived through it. A sleeping platform with a 6″ foam mattress, blankets, and a good pillow is almost as nice as being at home. It all depends on how many nights you plan to stay and your preferences.

There is also a garage available at the Philadelphia Airport, but the prices are higher. Wayfinding is handled by attendants who provide directions and assistance. They are well-versed in answering any questions guests may have about where to check in and how to get there, and they are trained to do so. Hiring a car service is dependent on bringing in experts in hotel parking and hospitality. If you want to go to the airport, you can ask a friend to drive you.

It is illegal to sleep in a hotel parking lot, and you could face fines or even jail time. Now, about my budget, I have the funds to buy a new or decent small car or a used minivan, and the rest, about $10,000, is for my trip and to also get settled somewhere else. I’d like to check ship records to what to pack to puerto rico find some ancestors, too. We aren’t on a time frame, we’re just going to wander, but I need to watch my budget because I won’t have a job right away when we settle down. We’ve slept in our car at Walmart or at truck stops, and have done it a couple nights in a row, just reclining our front seats.

Be respectful, act like you know what you are doing, and shower up in the morning. I personally have never witnessed anything real shady going on at any of these places, at least no more than at your local gas station. Use your head, pay attention to your surroundings, be respectful, and there will be no issues. They have an open policy of allowing you to camp in their parking lots. They have bathrooms that you can use without being questioned, they are often open 24 hours, and you will not be bothered.

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