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I’ve ordered many things from filters and lift kits, to head lights and wheels. Anytime a mistake was made, they fixed it without question. Try Luke at Truck Alterations, several people have purchased from him on the 5th Gen Ram Forum. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about covers when I was shopping but I ended up purchasing a DiamondBack cover so I have no personal buying experience. Made it easy to choose what I needed. The YouTube video is what sent me here for the purchase.

Websites great, them choosing fedex is poor. I have a 22 Ram 1500 and when I was searching for my items, by and large most parts were shown on that vehicle. Unlike other sites where it could be on any vehicle, which does not show me what it will look like with my particular vehicle’s contours, etc. Bought this exhaust system for my husband for Father’s Day. He put it on 4 days ago and the chrome finish is already discolored due to heat. The sound is good but the appearance isn’t what we wanted, should’ve went with black.

I was careful putting them on and kept the bubble wrap on until I started the install and got em up before a final tighten, which is why I didn’t see it. They were not super expensive and they still look great. I took away two stars for the little dent, I’ll never be able to unsee it. We test all of the products we offer to ensure that all you have to do is throw it on your truck and enjoy. Whether sparked by work necessity and hauling loads or simply the ever improving style of the F-150, Silverado, RAM, and Sierra, incorporating personal touches is a must.

I very happy with how soon it got here and the service you provided me… I liked the fast deliver and the price! The passenger side came with a ding on the top center… I only noticed it after install.

Small Print supposedly about POSSIBLE missing parts. I guess nobody there can read a parts list or count to 4. To reach out to the OEM to obtain parts. I love their install videos, and how they ensure people post photos of the products so you can see how it will look on your own truck.

AmericanTrucks is an online retailer of auto parts & accessories. The platform retails parts & accessories for off-road vehicles and pickup trucks. Offers products across categories such as bumper, lift kits, exhaust, engine, drivetrain, brakes, interior/exterior, lights, suspension, restoration, tire & wheels, and more. I bought a non-new version of a tonneau cover that was supposed to be in “like new” condition , and only missing the c-clamps to hold the rails to the truck bed.

I’m sorry that you had this experience, but I appreciate that you took the time to come on here and warn us about them. I haven’t ever bought from them, and thanks to your post I never will. Customer service is at least as important as the quality of the products I buy.

They guy I spoke to even hung up on me. 2 hour drive, get ready for exhaust install and whole pipe was missing. Nowhere on the listing did it say missing parts like other posting. They go the extra mile to ensure you’re informed about the product, ensuring proper fitment, reviews, and video installs.

They have completely turned things around and are on top of things. This product currently has a very high rating. I’d like to assume the current circumstances are entirely due to the shipping company. Make a horrific review raise hell with support scooby doo movie band scene every 2-3 days (Be pleasant, but have strong evidence/arguments ready). A good company survives by reputation, and dies by it too. I still came out ahead $210 or so vs buying a new one and IMO the condition defects are worth the money saved.

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